Textgrab from the original website | MotoE is a dynamic Engineering Competition that challenges teams from all over the world to design and build and race electric motorbikes. The series enables teams to test themselves them against the best competitors in the world on iconic race tracks throughout Europe.

Electric Motorcycles News - MotoE

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Our teams form an inclusive club of manufacturers, technical institutions and privateer constructors who are racing on the same track at the same time to be at the cutting edge of clean technology that powers the next generation of motorsport. The field is level, and the same rules apply to all competitors making this the most open competition that exists today.

The rules are very open and are designed to ensure the safety of those working at race tracks whilst giving maximum scope for innovative technology development, making this an exciting and engaging sport as well as pushing the boundaries of all the technologies used.

Racing is about power, control, good engineering and strategy with each round providing a unique challenge. Whether it be a mixed field including combustion engines or a challenging sprint race, racers must rise to the challenge and beat their competitors. Having just two wheels makes racing very exciting and arguably more thrilling; however the real advantage is that racing two wheels also uses less resources to refine, test technology and push the boundaries. You don’t need millions to invent a game changing idea.

Electric Motorcycles News - MotoE

Picture credit: Alex James Photography

For those seeking a game changing challenge, MotoE provides a front row seat for anyone interested in the latest transportation technologies and is a hotbed for learning for all involved, whether you are an academic or already in industry. A paddock full of engineers showcasing their solutions is always going to further your own understanding as well as grow your network of contacts in this growing field of expertise.

Moto E is a member of the elite electric Motorsport World

Electric superbikes have led the advancement of clean transport technology since the worlds first fully sanctioned all electric race took place in 2009 during the Isle of Man TT races. MotoE follows in original electric motorcycle championship; TTXGP, the eGrandPrix’s footsteps and is a five round European championship cup. Its founder was part of the team that helped develop and deliver that first race and has been involved with electric motorcycle racing ever since.

Our teams are racing to represent the next generation of motorsport. MotoE Teams compete against counterparts from across the globe to win the coveted Snaefell trophy; the original electric racing crown made for the world’s first electric race, TTXGP 2009.

Electric Motorcycles News - MotoE

Picture credit: Kerry Rawson Photography

Why should you get involved?

MotoE is the most cost-effective route to be part of the next generation of racing.

It provides an ideal opportunity for racers and innovators alike; anyone interested in the world of electric drivetrains, energy storage and power delivery can explore how different technologies perform under the extreme pressure of a race circuit.

With the future uncertain and the field wide open, now is the best time for any aspiring engineer, racer, technology developer as well as fan to gain a front row seat as tomorrow technology is being developed and tested. The variety of vehicles built by the teams with different budgets, types of technologies, power cells, and BMS systems makes it a rich tool for R & D. MotoE provides the ideal opportunity to showcase your skills, ideas, inventions and designs as well as network with like minded people.

Calendar 2018

Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th August
Donington Park (No limits Racing)

Friday 31st August – Saturday 1st September
Assen TT (Ow Cup)

Friday 5th – Saturday 6th October
Oulton Park (No Limits Racing)

More info: http://motoeracing.com/

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