Wolvertem (BE) / Leeuwarden (NL) | Press release | A growing number of electric vehicles is changing our street scene. And new change is on its way. The first electric Carvers will hit the road this fall. Moobi and Carver have joined forces to offer every Carver owner a service point nearby.

The Belgian company Moobi specializes in maintenance and service of fully electric and hybrid vehicles. A network of Moobi Centers is currently being rolled out in the Netherlands. This year 70 new service centers will be opened, in 2020 this number will be expanded to 100 branches. Exclusively furnished for the growing e-mobility.

And that is great news for future Carver drivers. They will soon be able to go to one of these Moobi Centers anywhere in the country. Both for a test drive and an ordered Carver as for maintenance and service. Moobi uses certified technicians who specialize in Carver technology. For commuters and urban residents, an affordable and sustainable transport alternative for the city literally comes within reach.

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The electric Carver combines the advantages of a car and a scooter in a new driving experience. The ultra-narrow city vehicle (45 km / h) combines the convenience and maneuverability of a two-wheeler with the comfort and safety of a car. This is possible thanks to a unique tilting technique, a 100% Dutch innovation. The Carver is specifically designed to move from A to B faster, cleaner and more fun.

Shared vision

Moobi and Carver share the same mobility vision that it must be different and better. To keep cities liveable and accessible, commuters and citizens must have access to affordable, sustainable transport alternatives. With this collaboration we hope to be able to accelerate the transition to more sustainable mobility in The Netherlands.

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Jeroen Vertongen, founder of Moobi: “Carver fits in perfectly with our vision. Our Moobi Centers will become the official service points where Carver drivers will soon be able to go.”

Anton Rosier, CEO Carver: “With Moobi we have a fantastic partner to reach out a good service to everyone in the country. It gives us the possibility to accelerate our mobility revolution.”

About Moobi

Moobi is a brand of LKQ Belgium and was established in January 2018 with the ACES vision. Moobi assumes a future of Autonomous, Connected, Electrified & Shared moility. All products and services put on the market by Moobi are based on these four pillars.

Carver | Moobi Center | Electric Motorcycles News
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The Moobi Centers provide independent, professional information and products about electric driving and other forms of mobility. Moobi also assists the garage entrepreneur in sales, service and maintenance of hybrid and electric vehicles. An important factor in this is that Moobi Centers operate brand-independent and neutral.

About Carver

Carver BV is a Dutch manufacturer of electric city vehicles to travel smarter, faster and more sustainably from door to door. The head office, experience center and assembly plant are located in Leeuwarden. The development activities take place at Carver Technology in ‘s Gravendeel, also known from the legendary Carver One.

The first electric Carver will be launched this fall, a three-wheeled vehicle with a top speed of 45 km / h and a range of 80 – 100 km. The Carver is 88 cm wide, 159 cm high and can accommodate two people. The active tilting technology is unique in the world and bridges the classic gap between two-wheelers and cars.

More info: https://www.carver.earth/

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