You can now buy a share of Monday Motorbike’s future, as they reshape urban landscapes with stylish electric motorbikes.

February 7, 2017
San Francisco, Calif. – Monday Motorbikes introduces aspiring riders to the thrill of two-wheels on the world’s most stylish electric motorbike designed for urban transport. Monday is now launching a crowd equity campaign on Start Engine, aiming to raise up to $1 million from their fan base. Investors can also cash in on some pretty sizable discounts on their motorbikes.

“We are so excited to offer our fans the opportunity to invest in our company,” said co-founder and CEO Josh Rasmussen. “We launched on Indiegogo, where we met many of our first fanatical fans. It’s such an honor to share our passion for two-wheels with people around the world, and we look forward to our next chapter of success bolstered by our customers and fans.”

Thirty-two million Americans – 1 out of every 10 – want to ride a motorcycle, but never have. Many are intimidated by the weight of the motorcycle or concerned about the level of work required to maintain a safe and legal motorcycle. Still, the allure of riding on the open road speaks to many Americans, and with a low-maintenance, lightweight motorbike, they might just take that leap.

The M1 has the look and feel of a motorcycles, but is more approachable and allows almost anyone to be a rider. Just like a Tesla, the electric drive gives riders a high torque experience, giving riders the sensation of riding a powerful motorcycle without the intimidation factor. Unlike a motorcycle, the M1 does not require driving courses, a license, or registration in most U.S. states. Plus, you can park it on any sidewalk.

“I’ve been riding two-wheelers since I was six,” says founder and Chief Scientist Dr. Nathan Jauvtis. “Now, the best part of my day is seeing the full face of teeth as people come in smiling from a test ride on an M1.”

The electric motorbike is also lower maintenance than any gas motorcycle. The proprietary electrical components of the M1 will last for years, the batteries can be charged at any standard outlet, and it only cost 21 cents on average to completely charge your batteries.

“There is no oil to change, no carburetor to flush, no spark plug to change and no need to fill up with gasoline,” says Nicholas Howery, Head of Business Development. “Just plug in overnight and you’re ready to go.”

Motorcycles are fun, sexy, and thrilling. And with urban congestion on the rise, the M1 also offers a practical solution for city dwellers. Plus the M1 is environmentally friendly and cheaper to operate than a motorcycle or car.

The M1 motorbike is styled after 1960s and 70s cafe racers and mopeds, with an edgier, more modern appearance.

“The bike looks like something out of “Mad Max” and was one of CNNMoney Producer Jack Regan’s CES favorites.” Reported CNN Tech. The M1 also features a cloud connected dash, allowing Monday Motorbikes to push out new features like GPS tracking and remote diagnostics as they develop software improvements.

Monday Motorbikes is a team of environmentally conscious, motorcycle enthusiast, who are electrifying the motorbike revolution. Subsequently, the M1 has gained positive recognition. “Think of it as a two-wheel Tesla,” says GQ. TechCrunch called it, “the Tesla of Motorbikes”.

From motorcycles to rides shares and e-bikes, Monday Motorbikes is tackling the $300B+ global market of urban transportation.The 90-day crowdfunding campaign launched on February 6, 2017 through Start Engine. Shares are priced at $2. The minimum investment is $150 with perks accompanying investments of $500, $1000 and $2000.



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Guy Salens

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