Lohner is an old name in the motor industry. Heinrich Lohner owned a coach-building company in 1821 in Vienna. When his grandson Ludwig hired the young Ferdinand Porsche, they created in 1900 the world’s first hybrid electric car: the Lohner-Porsche Electromobil. The company successfully got involved in aircraft construction successfully – Lohner became the biggest propeller manufacturers in that period. They began with electric trolley buses and developed trams.

Electric Motorcycles News - Lohner Stromer

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In 1957 the company launched the Lohner Sissy, the world’s first two-seat moped. Back in these years, it was a successful project but the company faded out and was bought by Bombardier.

Today, Andreas Lohner (Heinrich’s great-grandson and an IT guy with no motorcycle experience) succeeded in re-establishing the Lohner factory and created the Lohner Stroler and the LEA, an electric scooter

Lohner Stroler: two seats, one e-bike

This e-bike is retro pur sang. Lohner has built an electric engine in the back wheel, integrated a large saddle for a passenger and the looks are very retro-stylish. The battery has been placed under the saddle while the “body” is transformed to a small compartment for the charging plug and your personal stuff.

Today as we speak, Andreas and a design team is updating the Stroler and we can’t wait for these results. We keep you posted!

Electric Motorcycles News - Lohner Stroler Electric Motorcycles News - Lohner Stroler Electric Motorcycles News - Lohner Stroler Electric Motorcycles News - Lohner Stroler

Specifications (Germany, EU)

  • Speciality: 2 Seats
  • Saddle: available in various colors (optional)
  • Frame: Steel
  • Forke: 100mm suspended Frontfork, lockable
  • Storage: ~ 8 Litre stowage space, lockable
  • Wheel: 26″ x 2.15 with reflector stripes
  • Power Gear: electric wheel hub engine
  • Performance: 250W
  • Performance maximum: 600W
  • Torque: 40 Nm (12 Nm nominal)
  • Battery: LiIon 46V, 11Ah, 396 Wh
  • Loading time: for 80% 4 hours
  • Charging current: 2 Amp
  • Gears: 8 Gears
  • Brakes: hydraulic Ø180 mm
  • Recuperation: when breaking automatically
  • Maximum speed: 25km/h legally defined
  • Electric support: in 3 Performance levels
  • Handlebar accelaration: up to 6 km/h (2)
  • Pedal-Torque sensor: up to 25 km/h
  • Reach: up to 96 km in Pedelec mode
  • Classification: Pedelec
  • Beleuchtung: breitstreuender LED Scheinwerfer mit 3W
  • Weight: 34,5 kg
  • Additional Load maximum: 150 kg
  • Display & Control: LCD backlight display, separate control unit
  • Security: Pin Code

Roller Lea

Away from the crowd, the city belongs to you. The Lohner LEA continues the success story of the of the L125-Roller, which was unique as early as the 1950s. Times have changed – people, their needs, their lifestyle. Smart technology is what’s required – the answer is electromobility. Urban mobility in a form brought right up to date: LEA – the legend, it’s back! The Lea is not on the market yet but preorders are possible >

Electric Motorcycles News - Lohner Lea Electric Motorcycles News - Lohner Lea

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