Steve Atlas (3-time TTXGP Champion): “The future is here now, or so they say! That’s why we plan on putting it to the test while attempting to set Three World Records in a single year… Together with Phlewid Films and Lightning Motorcycles we want to create a full-length Documentary Film called ‘The Electric Revolution’ about these record attempts.”

The movie will be co-written and produced by Steve Atlas in cooperation with Matt Sanders of Phlewid Films. Matt will be responsible for the complete production (Founded in 2002, Phlewid Films has carved a niche as a provider of premium branded original content for the Motorsports industry). Narrated by long-time friend and true die-hard motorcycle person and actor John Hensley. Starring Jeremy Toye, Richard Hatfield, Steve Atlas and many more …

Steve: “You can download here our “Pitch Deck” for the 2019 Project that Lightning Motorcycles / myself / Phlewid Films have in the works! For general info about sponsorship/producing etc…, please email me: ! So far we are about halfway to our goal of being able to race/film/edit and produce it ourselves but we are still looking for Executive Producers and sponsors !”

Electric Motorcycles News - Steve Atlas - Lightning Motorcycles

Past year’s media attention

  • Lightning has earned vast media coverage with the LS-218 superbike, racing victories, setting world records and developing the most advanced electric motorcycle technology in the world.
  • Lightning Motorcycles has been featured in numerous high profile TV programs including the Discovery Channel, CNN Morning News, the History Channel and Jay Leno’s garage
  • Lightning LS-218 has earned coverage in the top motorcycle magazines in 30+ countries
  • Lightning was featured in the movie, “On Any Sunday, the Next Chapter” produced by Red Bull

Electric Motorcycles News - Steve Atlas - Lightning Motorcycles

2019 Media coverage

  • Limited-Release, Movie Theater showings followed…
  • By possible TWOwheelsTV APP permanent placement deal, (as well as other networks interested)…
  • More info about Two Wheels TV:

Electric Motorcycles News - Steve Atlas - Lightning Motorcycles

2019 Sport Programs

All three events below to be featured first as a full length Documentary for limited theater release / Then currently planned to be given permanent placement by TWOwheelsTV APP… (though still working out exact details and in talks with various other TV networks too…)

May 25th to June 7th: TT Isle of Man

The exclusive official Classic TT 2019 Trailer:

IOM TT is the world most prestige motorcycle racing event. According to Cycle World, Coverage of the 2016 Isle of Man TT Races reached an audited audience of almost 30 million people worldwide Honda Mugen has not had a real competition in TT.

Goal: To beat Honda

June 30th: Pikes Peak Hill Climb racing event

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Sizzle Reel:

This event has 100+ year of history. This event has attracted many fans around the world. It’s also been referred to as one of the toughest races in the world and the world’s most famous hill climbing competition.

Goal: To win the 1st place and beat the record

August to October: World Land Speed Record

Electric Motorcycles News - Steve Atlas - Lightning Motorcycles

Since 1924, this event is sanctioned by FlM and SCTA. It attracted thousands of top engineers and teams to compete to demonstrate and push technology. No electric motorcycle has broke Lightning’s record so far. It is time to raise the bar further.

Goal: To set new speed record and exceed Lightning’s own record.

So if you / or your company are interested in joining us in making history, email us for more info:

Steve Atlas
+1 612 715 0924

Phlewid Films
Matthew Sanders
+1 503 705 1055

Download here our full presentation >

About Phlewid Films

Phlewid Films strives to break new ground rather than trying to duplicate the work of others. It is about taking on a challenge. It is about working with big thinkers and people who want more than the status quo. Beyond artistic creativity, one of Phlewid Films’ greatest strengths comes from the ability to produce stunning results on very tight budgets. Their production capabilities can be scaled to meet any budget objective. It is their passion for making films which drives them and they simply won’t settle for anything less than awesome.

Phlewid Films has worked with companies including: Icon Motosports, Triumph Motorcycles, Brammo Motorcycles, Nike, Adidas, World of Speed, Dodge, Monster Energy, Castrol, Victory Motorcycles, Toyota, Subaru, and GoPro. They have created several National TV spots and content for national motor-sports programming, as well as working on Hollywood feature film projects. Their work as been featured on many popular websites and has made top rankings on YouTube many times.

About Steve Atlas

You can find Steve’s full racing CV in the PDF-presentation. Highlights are 2011 & 2012 TTXGP U.S National Champion and TTXGP World Champion in 2012. At the moment Atlas is a Factory racer and development rider for Lightning Motorcycles, as well an Independent Film Producer and Graphic Artist. Steve’s ambition is very high to win this year at the Isle of Man and the Pikes Peak Hill Climb with Lightning Motorcycles!

About Lightning Motorcycles

Lightning Motorcycles manufactures the highest performing and most advanced electric motorcycles in the world. Our halo product, LS-218, pushes the boundaries of what is possible for an electric superbike.

Lightning was founded in 2009 to offer consumers the highest performance, best quality and value in each product segment. Lightning is dedicated to developing exciting new products that will attract new motorcycle riders based on ease of operation, superior user experience, and accessible performance. After years of developing the most advanced electric motorcycle technology in the world while dominating racetracks and setting land speed records with the LS-218 Superbike, Lightning is announcing the upcoming launch of the all-new Lightning Strike (starting price from $ 12,999) – the world’s first premium mass-market electric motorcycle.


All motorcycles used in this film are Lightning electric motorcycles, whether in prototype racing form or stock street form. Without their tireless hours of hard work and dedication, none of this would be remotely possible: so the biggest thanks of all goes out to Richard Hatfield and Lightning Motorcycles crew.

Guy Salens

Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.