Lightning LS-218 is in production and Lightning Motorcycle has been delivering the LS-218 to customers in North America and Asia since 2015. They will be expanding into Europe during 2017.

There are 3 battery configurations available – includes 2.5kw charging station.

  • Base model – 12kwh (Range of 100-120 miles per charge)
  • Upgrades – 15kwh (Range of 120-150 miles per charge)
  • Or – 20kwh (Range of 160-180 miles per charge)

The LS-218 is direct drive – there is no transmission or clutch. The LS-218 direct drive benefits are reduced weight, reduced maintenance, less wear items and parts, reduce energy loses and unwanted complexities. An added benefit of direct drive is that it enhances to your riding experience – you can concentrate on riding with just your inputs of throttle and braking.

The LS-218 has 160 ft. lbs. of torque which is available from 0 rpm to 6,500 rpm before the torque curve starts to fall off and geared for 180+ mph and 0 to 60 in 2 seconds. The Lightning designed motor is oil cooled so no power loses in the most extreme uses or durations and has been tested to have a life of over 900,000 miles. The Lightning drive train is durable and reliable.

Lightning LS-218 comes with custom Öhlins fork and shocks which have been tuned for optimal handling and performance by Öhlins exclusively for the LS-218. Fully adjustable spring preload, ride height, high and low speed compression and rebound damping. Lightning Motorcycle does offer the option to upgrade to Öhlins race products TTGP shock, FGR300 fork and steering damper.


  • RaceTech fork (upgrade option: Öhlins FGRT inverted fork)
  • NIX30 cartridge internals, TiN surface treatment, billet aluminum radial caliper mountings
  • Fully adjustable spring preload, compression and rebound damping


  • Billet aluminum swingarm with linear
  • Öhlins TTX36 Shock and linkage system
  • Adjustment for preload, ride height, high and low speed compression and rebound

A carbon fiber swing arm that saves about 6 lbs / 2.7 kg of weight is available as an option ($4,250.00 USD).


  • Front: Lightning forged aluminum 3.5″ x 17″, 120/70ZR17
  • Rear: Lightning forged aluminum 6.0″ x 17″, 190/55ZR17


  • Dual Brembo 320mm disc; Brembo radial-mount forged 4-piston calipers
  • 2 Brembo T-Drive 320mm Fully-Floating Rotors
  • 2 Brembo Brembo GP4-RX CNC Radial Calipers


The LS-218 chassis is aluminum with carbon fiber fairings/components and use titanium fasteners to save weight. Optional frame sliders are available.

The LS-218 comes standard with Aim Sports MXL Pista race data acquisition system. The system is user programmable.

Standard height is 32 inches. Lightning Motorcycle offers the option of adjusting seat height approximately 3 inches lower or higher than standard configuration if required. The foot pegs have significant adjustability.

Each LS-218 is hand built and painted to your individual vision – they have standard colors on their website but customers can ask for any color or paint scheme.

The Lightning LS-218 price includes a 2.5kw (220v/15amp/3 phase) Level 2 charger – please let them know which connector you would like – SAE J1772 or CHAdeMO style. There are 2 optional chargers available from Lightning at extra cost – a 5kw Fast Charger (220v/30amp/3 phase) or 10kw Fast Charger (220v/50amp/3 phase). They also offer 220-240v 50hz versions of these charger.

Lightning Motorcycles are compatible with Tesla chargers with their Lightning designed adaptor. Lightning Motorcycle offers an optional light weight detachable on-board charger available. It fits inside the fairing so there is no aero penalty. Find an outlet and no need to find a charging station.

The LS-218 is leading edge technology but designed to be very user friendly – there is no maintenance on the drive system – the only maintenance are normal wear items such as tires, brakes, chain which any competent motorcycle technician can handle.

Warranty period is one year on road version of the Lightning LS-218.

After 1,500 cycles at less than 90% depth of discharge your pack can live in excess of 200,000 miles. After 1,500 cycles of 100% depth of discharge, you will have 80% of the original range which would be approximately 120,000 miles. However, the cycle life of your pack is dependent on how it is used – it can be reduced by severe usage.

Lightning has been in business for 11 years. The LS-218 has been in development for over 6 years and the design, engineering, development, component and system durability testing on highway, racing and test lab are completed. The LS-218 is validated and in production. Lightning World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) code is 57S on the VIN.

Source & pictures: Lightning Motorcycle



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