Electric Motorcycles News was invited for the launch of the Ujet electric scooter and the official opening of their factory in Foetz (Luxembourg). In the presence of Mr Étienne Schneider, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Ujet unveils a new generation of electric scooters that will be produced in its own factory in Foetz. The technology start-up has developed a new mobility solution that paves the way to a low-carbon future and addresses today’s urban challenges.

“All our operations have been based here in Luxembourg since the establishment of our company in 2015, and we are delighted to start today the manufacturing of our electric scooter in our factory in Foetz. Ujet’s aim is to propose a new mobility concept that will contribute to more sustainable cities. We are delighted to launch this project from Luxembourg, a country that is fostering new modes of mobility as part of its Third Industrial Revolution announced last year’, said Konstantin Notman, CEO of Ujet Group.

“The implementation and development of Ujet confirms once more that Luxembourg is a destination of choice for high tech companies, we offer a stable business environment nurturing innovation and research. The product and activities of Ujet are in line with the strong will of the Luxembourg Government to lead the way of sustainable development with a strong focus on smart mobility and electric vehicles,” said Étienne Schneider, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy.


Ujet’s mobility solution embodies efficiency. Noiseless and with zero tail-pipe emissions, it contributes to a healthier, quieter, and cleaner environment. Key to reducing global GHG emissions and enhancing air quality. Ujet is designed for optimum use in cities. Intended for door-to-door mobility, it takes up much less space than a car for driving and parking, and represents a fast mode of urban transportation. Foldable and equipped with a compact and rollable battery, it requires no dedicated charging infrastructure on-street.

‘We believe that with its leading-edge technology, connectivity and innovative design, our electric scooter introduces a new world of performance that will ensure an incomparably smooth and safe ride’, said Hugues Després, VP Global Sales & Marketing of Ujet Group. ‘Our aim is to launch our electric scooter in Luxembourg, Paris, Milan, Monaco and Barcelona in 2018. Pre-orders are now available online’.

Ujet electric scooter

Ujet sets new standards in scooter design. Its unique look makes it clear: a first ever mass-produced orbital wheel and a sculptural, asymmetrical frame paired with an attention to every single detail. The Ujet’s ultra-light and robust frame is made of advanced composite materials traditionally used in Aerospace. With the total weight from 43 kg, no other scooter lets you ride so easily. Ujet folds comfortably in seconds. It can be stored easily in your home, office, trunk of your car or yacht. Ujet is convenient small wherever you are!


Customize the Ujet to fit your style. Select between the Diamond or Curved shape, low or high seat, and 5 refined color options to ensure that Ujet always feels like it is made for you. Select between two battery sizes with an estimated range up to 70 km or 150 km. Charge your Ujet from any regular socket and be ready to ride in 2 hours with the fast charger. Ujet smart battery is safe, connected, removable and rollable. Take your battery anywhere, use it as a powerbank for your devices, and enjoy your favorite tunes via integrated wireless speakers.

A dedicated onboard computer offers full connectivity to your smartphone and the cloud. It integrates GPS, 3G, Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth for the most intuitive ride and advanced safety monitoring.

High technology, connectivity, design, personalization
Ujet is redefining the future of urban mobility. Through high-end innovation, connectivity, and efficiency, it is transforming the way city lovers move. Its unique technology, personalized features, and design enable you to discover new experiences, thus bringing a new dimension to urban mobility.

Driving efficiency
The electric scooter embodies efficiency and paves the way to a low-carbon urban-mobility future. Its portable high-performance battery can be charged anywhere. With zero emissions, it contributes to healthier, quieter, and more sustainable urban environments.

Driving innovation
Ujet combines clean energy and disruptive innovation. Its cutting-edge technology is generating a new world of performance: front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with advanced energy recuperation, enhanced grip tires and a unique suspension system. This ensures an exceptionally smooth and safe ride.

Driving connectivity
This electric scooter leads the way in an increasingly connected world. With unparalleled connectivity, onboard speakers, HD camera, and Wi-Fi, Ujet seamlessly connects to smart devices, social media, and the Web. This is coupled with smartphone-enabled antitheft protection and a smart interface tailored to you and your personality.


  • Weight 95–108 lb / 43–49 kg
  • Speed 28 mph / 45 km/h
  • Battery range up to 70 km (small battery) up to 150 km (large battery)
  • Power 5.44 hp, 4 kw


  • Disruptive scooter design with a sculptural and asymmetrical frame
  • Unique orbital wheels
  • The first folding mechanism on an electric scooter


  • Fast charging: two hours using off-board charger
  • Long range: up to 70 km (small battery) up to 150 km (large battery)
  • Removable and portable: 11 kg (small battery), 17 kg (large battery)


  • The first nano-optimized tires (TUBALL™ augmented)
  • Lightest tire in its class Increased wet and dry grip
  • Abrasion resistance enhanced by 15%


  • Full connection of onboard systems and smartphone
  • Smartphone used as key
  • Onboard navigation: GPS, parking search HD camera
  • Entertainment mode: full access to your mobile’s telephone functions

Full specifications (PDF) download >

About Ujet

Ujet is offering a new generation of urban mobility solutions that empowers the urban communities to create more sustainable cities through the use of advanced technologies and materials. Ujet wants to redefine the way city lovers move for the better. The mission is to create the perfect balance between high-tech, sustainable thinking and lifestyle.

For further information on Ujet, please contact:

Hugues C. Despres
Ujet International

Albane Siramy
Global Director Corporate Affairs & Sustainability,
Ujet International


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