Martin Kyburz founded KYBURZ Switzerland AG in 1991. It is currently located in Freienstein (Zurich, Switzerland). KYBURZ is an SME which employs around 80 people. It develops and produces high-quality electric vehicles for the delivery and industrial sectors, as well as the private market.

Over 11,000 KYBURZ vehicles are in use around the world; the best-known model, the KYBURZ DXP, is used as a delivery vehicle for the postal service and has now become a familiar sight on Swiss roads.
The warranty for the service and maintenance of its products is one of the company’s highest priorities as well as being an important line of business.

Finding pleasure in development while focusing on sustainability and environmentally friendly methods and products KYBURZ Switzerland AG is looking forward to the future and can build on its solid basis of craftsmanship and many years of experience

Overview personal vehicles:

DX2: Mobility even without a driving license

Travelling safely with the DX2. This electric scooter grants the elderly independent mobility without the need for a driving license. The DX2 is the successor to the proven CLASSIC model.

Its simple and safe handling makes it possible for you to visit friends and relatives. You can even transport your shopping in the rear compartment. Trips to the post office or bank are not a problem thanks to this electric vehicle. This three-wheeler is equipped with modern lithium batteries. Trips around town, and even the surrounding area, are much more enjoyable now. The powerful asynchronous electric motor copes with even the steepest of inclines.

Technical specifications DX2 (PDF) >

DXS: The electric vehicle for young and old alike

The KYBURZ DXS is the versatile electric vehicle that is ideal for all kinds of uses. This model has the same successful design as the proven DXP delivery vehicle used by the post office. This emission-free three-wheeler offers generous front and rear loading areas for transporting your belongings or shopping. The lithium batteries power the economical electric motor for trips of up to 100 km. This electric scooter from KYBURZ Switzerland AG can reach speeds of 10, 20, 30 or 45 km/h. The DXS makes easy and cost-effective mobility a reality for young and old alike.

Technical specifications DXS (PDF) >

PLUS – Protected no matter the weather

The electric scooter KYBURZ PLUS gives you independence! This four-wheeler with its protective cab is safe and reliable to drive in any weather. Both young people and the elderly get the same thrill from driving the PLUS. Its modern lithium batteries and the maintenance-free asynchronous electric motor ensure a range of up to 100 km. All KYBURZ electric scooters can be charged from any normal household socket. The KYBURZ PLUS is authorised for speeds of up to 20 km/h without a driving license, but with a moped driving license it may be driven up to 30 km/h.

Technical specifications PLUS (PDF) >

MaXX – Great for transporting heavy loads

The KYBURZ MaXX does not shy away from heavy loads. The MaXX gives people who weigh up to 350 kg their independence and mobility. The driver is sure to be comfortable and safe on the scooter’s wide seat. The electric vehicle is has a sturdy steel frame, a powerful asynchronous motor and slip-proof hydraulic brakes. Its ease of use, sustained power and timeless design make every trip a pleasure.

Technical specifications MAXX (PDF) >

Pendel – The scooter for wheelchair users

The Pendel offers an alternative to the car or taxi for wheelchair users.

The user can remain seated in his wheelchair and travel in the electric vehicle without the need for assistance. This does away with the often strenuous task of getting in and out of cars. The pneumatic lifting system puts the vehicle in the driving position and secures the wheelchair in place. Thanks to its electric drive, the scooter is quiet, emission-free and cost-effective. The perfect solution for getting around in your wheelchair both locally and throughout your surrounding area. KYBURZ Switzerland AG distributes the Pendel, produced in Holland by HUKA, exclusively in Switzerland.

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