Press release | Just ahead of its introduction at Europe’s largest motorcycle trade fair EICMA, the grand debut of the 100 km/h 1954 Ri Sport from pioneer Kumpan electric is shamelessly being sabotaged. The German innovation leader in e-mobile scooters is presenting a milestone in electric mobility at the fair. Essential technical advantages, such as the new model’s range and acceleration, make the Kumpan the most powerful electric scooter on the market – surpassing Piaggio’s Vespa Elettrica, which Piaggio also recently introduced.

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What is regarded as an innovation for some is a threat for others. The German team surrounding Patrik Tykesson had to experience this for themselves when the industry giant Piaggio, after comparing the performance data, had the result of years of development removed from the young company’s stand at EICMA. Piaggio’s unfounded allegation that its Vespa design had been imitated took the form of a criminal complaint, and without a court order, Kumpan electric’s 1954 Ri electric scooters were confiscated by the Italian financial police (Guardia di Finanza). From Kumpan electric’s point of view, it was even more surprising that Piaggio wanted to have the vehicles transported directly to its premises. Instead of just securing one vehicle for inspection, as is customary procedure, every last scooter was picked up at Piaggio’s insistence.

Electric Motorcycles News - Kumpan Electric

“There are no similarities in the vehicle design, construction or systems. A thorough comparison of specifications and performance data clearly shows that. Is this an attempt to use design as a pretext to discredit our product? It makes sense that a giant like Piaggio wants to protect itself from innovative players in a rapidly developing market, but we’re surprised at its unethical approach – especially with the authorities in Italy playing along,” said Patrik Tykesson, CEO of Kumpan electric.

“David against Goliath” – When large corporations don’t play fair

Electric Motorcycles News - Kumpan Electric

The Italian police are now holding the vehicles in order to investigate the matter, and the fair will probably be over before any resolution is reached. For Patrik Tykesson, the obstacles that an innovative, medium-sized company has to contend with will take on new dimensions:

“Anyone who intrudes on Goliath’s territory – it won’t be easy for them. The fact that Piaggio used criminal law instead of civil law to immediately transport the Kumpan electric scooters from the trade fair stand is a cowardly move. Piaggio’s way of handling its complaint aside, it’s curious that an industry giant would aim to confiscate our vehicles.”

The Kumpan is designed, developed and manufactured in Germany. The company already has eight years of experience in the market and recently spent several years building the world’s most powerful electric scooter. Tykesson concludes, “Of course our whole team is disappointed – we were all looking forward to the EICMA, but it’s also a sign that we have arrived in the big leagues.” The Kumpan 1954 Ri has the longest range of any E-scooter available. It is the first two-wheeler to feature a touch-screen display and smart connectivity technology in a specially developed battery, which enables it to be connected to the Kumpan app. The new vehicle generation is a combination of design, performance and innovation developed over many years.

Electric Motorcycles News - Kumpan Electric

With these product features, Kumpan electric is setting the pace as the innovation leader and driver of the industry. It begs the question: Does Piaggio fear German technology?

Kumpan electric (e-bility GmbH) is an internationally active green economy company that has received numerous awards. Its product portfolio includes three electric pedal and motor scooters with top speeds ranging from 20 to 100 km/h as well as portable, networked and universally applicable energy storage systems. The electric mobility concepts and sharing solutions company was founded in Remagen, near Bonn, in 2010 by three brothers – Patrik, Daniel and Philipp Tykesson. Kumpan electric combines classic vehicle design with sustainable, innovative technology. The new 1954 Ri product series was designed and developed in Germany, where it is also now assembled. It boasts an impressive range of up to 186 kilometers. German suppliers from the region currently comprise the Kumpan electric supply chain. Kumpan electric is successfully expanding into European and international countries: The electric scooters are available in Germany, France, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland.

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