The Kumpan 1954 is the perfect combination between innovative technology and style. The 1954 is a classic, two-seat scooter. With a european retro design, it is sure to attract everyone´s attention. Equipped with the latest developments in battery technology (Kumpan Kraftpakete), the 1954 model reaches new heights. These portable batteries (LiFePo4 Kraftpakete) can be removed, transported and charged in no time.

In a blink of an eye!
The clearly structured digital display informs the driver about all important aspects of his Kumpan. Besides speed, mileage, lighting and more, it also indicates the charging status of each battery.

You never drive alone
As the ‘big brother’ in our Kumpan family, the 1954 is not only fully equipped with all of the technical details but also has enough space and power for two passengers.


An innovative battery management system (BMS) transform the power of our latest lithium iron phosphate cells into a real powerhouse. The BMS controls and protects the memory cells, eliminates risks and gains optimal performance. One of these 50.7-volt batteries has a range of up to 50 kilometers.
With up to three batteries, the Kumpan reaches a range of up to 150 kilometers. Maximum range is achieved through Kumpan’s intelligently balanced discharging technology which allows for each battery to be discharged in perfect succession.

Three is better than one
You can fit up to three batteries in your Kumpan. All batteries can be charged directly in the scooter or individually at every normal household outlet. A battery can be recharged approximately 1,000 times. This range would even be enough for a trip around the globe

To your place or my place?
Weighing only 9kg, you can bring your Kumpan battery wherever you want. Charge your Kraftpaket at any normal household outlet. By using a fast charger you can be on your way again quickly after just around 100 minutes.


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Guy Salens

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