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KISKA | Electric Motorcycles News

Working closely with KISKA’s multi-disciplinary team, you will consult clients on a range of topics relating to their products and portfolios. In this aspirational position, you will:

  • Support international powersports brands as they set up future product portfolios.
  • Collaborate with researchers to identify trends. Work with marketing specialists. Create business cases for new model development, and shape strategic decisions.
  • Lead client workshops. Pinpoint business, market and brand insights.
  • Analyse and process data into reasoned product recommendations. Present these to the client.
  • Work closely with client management teams to put recommendations into action.
KISKA | Electric Motorcycles News

“We are creating the next big thing on two wheels. What more does a rider want?” Reno, Director – Product Strategy

To keep riders happy – today and tomorrow – you need:

  • Education and / or proven experience in marketing, business, product management or project management.
  • A motorcycle license. You are an avid rider.
  • Understanding of design development process. Also the technical aspects of vehicles and their design.
  • Very good English skills. German is also an asset.
KISKA | Electric Motorcycles News

What’s life at KISKA like?

KISKA is an open and lively studio. Our team of 260 is dynamic and bursting with creativity. Individual and international, we come from over 35 nations. We like to live out our passions and seek new experiences. Whether in our studios, or in KISKA’s unique surroundings.

Being at KISKA means you have the freedom to create new experiences and explore new areas. The range of creative fields means projects are multidisciplinary and inspirational. Working on projects for global brands you’ll collaborate in ways that don’t happen anywhere else. Because KISKA isn’t like anywhere else.

Interested? Apply here. Or visit KISKA.

Guy Salens

Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.