Press-release | Milano, May 29th 2018 – Italian Volt celebrates one-year anniversary from the unveiling of Lacama’s prototype by dedicating an “e-motorcycle” to The Reunion, the most important happening for cafe racers, classic and special lovers from all the world. The Italian start-up presented “LACAMA for The Reunion”. Inspired to Trackers, customized motorbikes used during speedways, dirt flat oval tracks where motorcycles slide sideways, this motorbike presents knobby tires able to better face the dirty ground. The “custom-made” motto remains the main feature of this product. “LACAMA for the Reunion” was entirely made to measure according to Matteo Andreani, founder of The Reunion, who together with the Italian Volt designers selected all the materials and components until he got the final layout of the motorcycle.

Electric Motorcycles News - Italian Volt - Lacama

The motorcycle confirms the standards of performance set during the first part of the project: top speed of 180 km/h, acceleration from 0 to 100 in less than 4 seconds, thanks to an engine torque of 280 N·m, comparable to the power of a heavy motorcycle. Among the extra features there are the Internet connection, a full digital dashboard, with automatic software update and access to the following updates of the package, in terms of improvements of technicalities such as battery efficiency and range increase, which is estimated at around 200 km for now.

The Italian start-up has unveiled the first luxury “custom-made” electric motorcycle able to express its clients’ uniqueness

“We are very happy of the project developed with Matteo” says Nicola Colombo, founder of Italian Volt. “Besides being a friend of mine, he was very responsible and accurate in his choices. Our mission is to design motorcycles that show the uniqueness of our clients and represent an ultimate frontier; this is exactly what happened at ‘The Reunion’”.

Electric Motorcycles News - Italian Volt - Lacama

Italian Volt revolution started in March 2017 with the launch of LACAMA, the very first example of an electric entirely customizable motorcycle, and landed at the ultimate Italian custom motorcycle event with a unique product able to fulfill the client’s need, in terms of technology, design and driving experience.

“At this moment the motorcycle is in a pre-production phase” says Nicola Colombo. “So, we are counting on delivering the first motorbikes to our waiting list clients by the end of this year. Our goal is to produce about 20 motorcycles per year – and 2019 production is already booked. Each model will be entirely custom-made. We want to offer the clients an unforgettable experience, starting from a jump into our atelier to live a full immersion inside the process of creating a motorcycle totally inspired by their lifestyle in order to find a “tailor-made” solution”.

Electric Motorcycles News - Italian Volt - Lacama Electric Motorcycles News - Italian Volt - Lacama

The inspiration

On May 13th 2013 Nicola Colombo, entrepreneur in the digital field, and Valerio Fumagalli, brand manager in the motor industry, decided to jump on board of two electric motorcycles and started a journey headed from Shanghai to Milan. They reached their destination after 44 days, 13 thousand km covered and 12 countries crossed, thus entering the Guinness World Record for the longest journey ever fulfilled with an electric motorbike. One year later, Nicola and Valerio founded Italian Volt along with their friend and designer Adriano Stellino and they started to develop a new concept of electric motorcycle.

Electric Motorcycles News - Italian Volt - Lacama

The motorcycle

Lacama is a roadster provided with an advanced technology, pieces of excellence and performance comparable to those of the best two-wheels powered by gasoline, with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds. The battery can be recharged in 40 minutes thanks to the compatibility with the fast charge columns and has an autonomy of approximately 200 km. The making of the first prototype took almost twenty-thousand hours of work to the team of engineers and designers, which were led by Alessandro Miraglia.

Electric Motorcycles News - Italian Volt - Lacama

Lacama is produced in limited edition and only on demand (reservations are open on – approximate price 40.000 €). Italian Volt keyword is “custom-made”: each product is tailor-made and follows the consumer’s needs and recommendations. With the help of Italian Volt team, the client is able to create his unique motorcycle. The body and its parts is made using 3D printing technology: all the upper elements are available in several variations and colors, thus giving the uniqueness to the whole project. For clients that don’t settle for options, Italian Volt style center is at full disposal for extremely personalized projects. Italian Volt is all about technology: the motorcycle has integrated GPS, TNT digital dashboard and internet connection. The consumer is able to drive with optimized routes or remote vehicle control through a dedicated App. In addition to the technological features, there’s a patent that ensures a better battery efficiency.

Download technical specifications (PDF)

Electric Motorcycles News - Italian Volt - Lacama

Electric Motorcycles News - Italian Volt - Lacama

The philosophy

“Driving an electric motorbike is a totally innovative sensory experience, comparable to the pursuit of happiness because of the quiet, smooth driving” – Nicola Colombo, founder of Italian Volt, says. “We are confident about the great opportunity given by the electrical field linked to the two wheels, but we are also aware of the difficulty that persuasion towards this new reality means. That’s why we chose to focus on the quality of our product and on design innovation. We have created Lacama as object of desire for those who love challenges and innovation.”


Italian Volt is an Italian company founded in 2016 that launched Lacama, the first prototype of electric motorcycle with high performances. The three founders of the company are friends that share their love for engines and have an “electric dream”. Nicola Colombo has a brilliant career as a start-upper and a twenty-year experience in business management sharpened in three different countries (America, Asia and Europe). In 2013 he entered the Guinness World Record for the longest journey ever covered on board of an electric motorcycle: 12.379 km from Shanghai to Milan. Together with him there’s Valerio Fumagalli, skilled biker and entrepreneur in the motorsport industry; Adriano Stellino, graduated at IAAD of Turin, in the past as a designer with eminent automotive enterprises, from Lamborghini to Bertone; Alessandro Miraglia, operations manager after 10 years working in automotive field in China and, finally, Simone Rambaldi, a guru of electric technology and vehicles and a key person for industry. Besides producing dream motorbikes, Italian Volt aims to become an important player in the electric vehicles sector, by providing components, solutions and professional advice to the companies that are looking for expertise, reliability and performance in order to create innovative ideas.

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