Milan, October 31st 2018 Press release | Italian Volt is embarking on a new adventure and will debut as IV ELECTRICS at this year’s EICMA. The renowned Italian startup which devised the LACAMA, the first-ever full-custom electric motorcycle manufactured with 3D printing, is broadening its horizons. At EICMA, taking place from 6th to 11th November in Milan, and specifically at the Motociclismo magazine’s booth, it will emerge into the electric vehicles market with a new role as an acceleration partner at the service of all companies – not just in the motorcycle sector – interested in electric power train innovation.

Electric Motorcycles News - IV Electrics

IV ELECTRICS stands out as a provider of various solutions, offering many years of extensive expertise in the field of electric mobility, with advice ranging from technology to design, passing through performance, targeting customers interested in developing electrical mobility projects for any type of device, and meeting performance, design and innovation requirements.

Italian Volt, by its very ethos, is deeply committed to taking on more and more ambitious challenges. In 2013, its two founding partners, Nicola Colombo and Valerio Fumagalli, boarded two electric motorbikes and travelled from Shanghai to Milan, earning a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest journey – over 13,000 km – ever made on an electric motorcycle. Their journey caught plenty of press attention and helped them discover the high potential of electric propulsion, while realizing that internal combustion engines have now reached the end of their days.

In 2016 they established “Italian Volt” and started working on the first concept, a high-performance electric motorcycle, a custom-made product capable of combining technology and Italian design: the LACAMA.
Unveiled to the public in March 2017, the LACAMA is a test bench for the development of the technologies and skills that underpin the company business.

Electric Motorcycles News - IV Electrics

Now, with this transformation into IV ELECTRICS, in addition to manufacturing dream motorcycles, the company is set on becoming an all-round critical player in the sector of electric vehicles, providing components, solutions and advice to companies in need of the expertise, reliability and performance required for the implementation of innovative ideas.

Nicola Colombo, co-founder of the company, stated: “We are thrilled to introduce IV ELECTRICS. To us, this is the natural evolution of Italian Volt. There are several technological challenges we are facing with IV ELECTRICS: advanced driver-assistance systems, charging, the safety of energy storage systems, only to mention a few of the subjects we are working on…
We are a young enterprise, but one that has already gone a long way, without too much noise. Thanks to this new specialization of ours, we hope we can go around the world, reaching more and more people, maybe aiming for a new Guinness World Record.”

Electric Motorcycles News - IV Electrics


I.V. ELECTRICS is an Italian company established in 2016 which launched the Lacama, the first luxury high-performance electric motorcycle. The founders are three friends who share a passion for engines and the “electric dream.” Nicola Colombo has a brilliant career as a startupper and 20+ years of experience in business management, perfected on three different continents (America, Asia and Europa). In 2013 he made it into the Guinness Book of World Records with the longest journey ever on an electric motorbike: 12,379 km from Shanghai to Milan. Along with him, there are: Valerio Fumagalli, an expert motorcyclist and entrepreneur in the motorsports world; Adriano Stellino, a graduate from IAAD of Turin, the Italian University for Design, who has worked as a designer for prestigious automotive manufacturers, such as Lamborghini and Bertone; Alessandro Miraglia, who supervises the operations after working in China in the automotive sector for 10 years; and finally, Simone Rambaldi, the guru of electrical technologies, a pioneer in electrical vehicles and a reference for the manufacturing industry as a whole.

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