EMN has been contacted today by Blacksmith Electric, a Chennai based electric bikes manufacturing company (Chennai is the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu). Blacksmith Electric is in the process of refining the manufacturing process of their first Blacksmith cruiser with a new patented technology.

Blacksmith Electric - Electric Motorcycles News

Already in 2006 (!) Blacksmith applied a patent concerning a battery swapping station in their home country India. In 2014 they obtained this patent with the official number 262461. Apparently, India is a bit slow in approving patents. Today we see these battery swapping stations in the electric scooter world from Gogoro and Yamaha Motor, Kymco (with their Ionic electric scooter) … Most manufacturers use removable batteries but the swapping station concept is relatively new. Although, if we hear that Blacksmith came up with this idea in 2006! The first prototype of the Blacksmith Electric was already build in 2005 (sorry for the bad quality of the picture)

Blacksmith Electric - Electric Motorcycles News
Blacksmith Electric - Electric Motorcycles News
First prototype in 2005 (!)

But back to business! Blacksmith unveiled their new Blacksmith electric cruiser prototype in India. I must admit (and I have mentioned this already to them) that I have nothing seen else to compare with. It’s surely one-of-a-kind. You hate it or you love it. It’s a prototype but as I understand, they still are in developing modus.

Blacksmith Electric - Electric Motorcycles News

Arumugam Rajendra Babu: “To achieve it’s design goals, Blacksmith Electric will refine the manufacturing process, emphasized innovation and looking for new design approaches from suppliers.” The production bike is scheduled to roll out in 2020.


  • First motorcycle in the Industry to have patented battery swapping technology (Patent No : 262461 Design No : 217786)
  • High torque PMSM Motor with lowest energy consumption in its class due to patent pending two speed transmission system.
  • Storage provision for a spare battery which reduces range anxiety.
  • Patent pending safety features like seat occupancy sensor, side stand sensor and traffic signal type direction indicators
  • Cruiser type design with ergonomically designed seats, full length foot pegs and handle bars for a fatigue free driving experience.
  • Customizable driving modes and suspension settings for city, long distance & sports
Blacksmith Electric - Electric Motorcycles News

Arumugam Rajendra Babu: “we want to build the ultimate electric vehicle for the Indian people. The future is electric. We are going to sell this bike for 2-lakh rupees (+/- 2,500 EUR).”

Blacksmith Electric - Electric Motorcycles News
Blacksmith Electric - Electric Motorcycles News


  • Rated Power: 5 / 8 KW with Energy Efficient PMS Motor
  • Max Speed: 120km/Hr
  • Range: 150 Km with Single & 300 Km with Dual battery
  • Ground Clearance: 175 mm
  • Gradeability: 25 Degrees
  • Brake System: Front & Rear Disc Brakes
  • Dimensions (mm): 2200(L) x 850(W) x 1150(H)
  • Loading Capacity: 200 Kgs (Two Adults)
  • Tyres: 3.5 R18 Tubeless (Front & Rear)
  • Wheels: Spoke Rim Wheels (Alloy Wheel Optional)
  • Speedometer: Digital with battery charge/range indicator
  • Battery: Li-Ion 72V – 60AH with Patented Swapping Design
  • Indicators: New Traffic Indicators (Patent Pending)
  • Controller: Innovative Sinewave Controller
  • Charging Time: Full charge in 4 hours, Fast charge 70% in 1 hour
  • Smart Apps: GPS & Artificial Intelligence System
  • Suspension: Front & Rear Telescopic (Patent Pending)
  • Anti Theft: Alarm & Circuit closing system
  • Safety: Side Stand Sensor & Occupant Sensor for driving
  • Lights: LED with Projector Head Lamps
  • Weight: 150 Kgs (Single Battery) / 175 Kgs (Dual Battery)
Blacksmith Electric - Electric Motorcycles News

About Blacksmith Electric

Arumugam Rajendra Babu was a cinema projector engineer with a rich experience of electrical and mechanical systems. He turned into an inventor of electric vehicles and spent more than 10 years in the development of electric vehicles.

The management team from Blacksmith is a diverse group with strong skills in technology, marketing, sales, finance and operations. Their vision is to create a world without pollution, no oil, no disturbing sounds and carbon emission free. That’s why Blacksmith motorcycles will be totally manufactured in India.

Blacksmith Electric - Electric Motorcycles News

Blacksmith worldwide: join us!

Blacksmith Electric will not be limited to India. In the first phase the home market of India is of course very important but in a second phase the marketing will be focussed at a global level. Already today Blacksmith wants to call on the various world markets for cooperation, importers and dealers.

Companies who are interested can contact Blacksmith Corporate Office:

Blacksmith Innovation Private Limited
20 F, Vasu Apartments, 92nd street, 18th Avenue
Ashok Nagar, Chennai 600083
Phone: 9884144615 / 9884480326
(Website soon online)

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