THE PACK – Electric Motorcycles News – visited NXT Motors a few years ago in Heerenveen (The Netherlands) to discover their first prototype. Last year the brand revealed its upgrade to the public in 2019 at a leading motorcycle exhibition in the Netherlands.

Guy Salens (left) with Harm Besseling (right) in 2017

Today, NXT Motors has opened an investment campaign to support the company growth. Investors can become shareholder through the investment platform of Seedrs. You can watch the presentation video here below:

NXT Motors is designing, manufacturing and promoting 100% electric motorbikes. The company was established in 2016 and has ever since been working on a range of electric motorbikes.

NXT Rage - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News
NXT Rage

The company’s aim is to develop affordable, high-quality electric motorbikes in different segments. That premium level is achieved through in-house development and collaborations, as well as premium material selection such as aluminum and carbon fiber. The first motorbike addresses the so-called sports segment, better known as the naked bikes segment.

NXT RAGE launch - NXT MOTORS - Electric Motorcycles News

NXT Motors is entering the commercial phase. They are aiming to launch and promote digitally, sell online as well as through a channel of selected dealers (specialized in and experienced with electric vehicles). The company is aiming to launch in its home market first. By 2025, NXT Motors plans to be present in all European countries to then roll-out intercontinental expansion plans.

NXT Rage - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

The company has currently an investment campaign online through the investment platform of Seedrs. Funds are being raised to execute the company’s plans to grow both geographically as well as on product portfolio.

NXT Rage - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

Globally – but especially in Europe – governments are launching plans for more stringent regulations (even total bans) with respect to fossil fuel powered vehicles on a spectacular short timeline. Electric vehicles play a massive role in this transition. Electric motorbikes are also an important alternative to solve mobility issues and traffic congestions in dense cities, and will thus have an important role in this energy and mobility transition.

NXT Rage - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

NXT Motors was born in The Netherlands, which is one of Europe’s leading countries in terms of EV adoption rate and this transition towards electrification of mobility. Hence, NXT Motors wants to be at the forefront of a modern society through its offer of innovative, future-proof mobility solutions.

Do you want to become a proud NXT Motors family member? Don’t hesitate to check out their investment campaign at Seedrs.

David Backx
Head of Marketing
Mobile : +32 476 972747

Source: Press release NXT Motors
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