Business talk EMN | In a few older articles at EMN we have talked about Essence Motocycles who has developed the Essence E-raw. Last week, we got a message from Martin Hulin, Co-owner and CEO of Essence Motocycles about an acquisition opportunity.

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E-raw electric motorcycle – ready for production

Essence Motocycles offers the opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs to get involved in this new electric business. The team has successfully completed the Phase 01 of the electric motorcycle Essence e-raw development. Their latest demo bike is now ready to go into the production phase.

Essence Motocycles also received the Efficient Solution Label from the Solar Impulse Foundation. This label proves the positive ecological impact and the economic profitability of their business model. You can read more about this in one of our previous articles (see below).

If you want to know more about this opportunity, contact Guy Salens, electric motorcycle consultant, for an introduction at Essence Motocycles.


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