Nomad Motors (Germany) is a start-up and is engaged in the development, marketing and construction of an electric motorcycle for the touring market. Johann Konrad loves riding motorcycles and he is convinced that the future of mobility will be electric. That’s why he wants to switch to an electric motorcycle. Only one problem: Johann found in the established manufacturers no model that would meet his needs as a touring bike. For this reason, he has developed a concept for a long range electric motorcycle. His goal is to develop, build and bring it to market.

Hummingbird E-cruiser project Johann Konrad  Nomad Motors | Electric Motorcycles News
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Guy Salens (EMN): “This is one of the most bizarre presentations I have ever seen in my professional life. Johann Konrad from Nomad Motors launched his vision about a long range e-cruiser motorcycle. Normally, if people present an important project like this, you should see a bit more than a few simple drawings. I don’t see final renders, no artist impressions, no visuals …

But that’s Johann personal decision: “I do not believe in concept studies or nonsensical expensive designs that bring no real value. In the end you have to pay all the rubbish as a customer.” says Johann.

Konrad’s reason for the founding and development of this electric motorcycle is the fact that current models did not correspond to what he had imagined under a practical electric motorcycle. As a passionate biker, he searched the market for a long range electric motorbike but he was quickly disappointed with the realistic ranges of today. And the expensive prices!

Hummingbird E-cruiser project Johann Konrad Nomad Motors | Electric Motorcycles News

As a calculation engineer, he made some analyses and his e-cruiser is designed with the largest possible space for the battery. He decided that a 30 kWh was the ideal size. “That is about twice as big as current batteries in e-motorcycles. This should be conservatively estimated 300km on tours with sporty driving. After NEDC it would be even over 500km.” says Johann.

Konrad: “The motorcycle should have a retail price of € 16,000 plus taxes in volume production. This is in my opinion, although a very large battery is installed, easily possible. If you renounce nonsensical gimmicks or expensive CFK frames, the price of an E-motorcycle can be in the same range like a conventional one.”

A cruiser model is in his opinion the best choice for a long range motorcycle. At the present time, many planning works, business plans, pre-designs and feasibility analysis were successfully done and a crowdfunding campaign has been launched to produce the prototype.

You’ll find more info at Kickstarter >

Or you can visit the website of Nomad Motors

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