With Globules Verts, Joël Mathery already organizes a range of themed walks and mountainbike trails in Center-Alsace (the Vosges en France). Today, you can discover this region with an electric offroad motorcycle. Joël offers a range of very quiet Electric Motion models for your excursions.

Joël: “these bikes have a lot of advantages … there is no smell, they don’t produce disturbing sounds, they require very little maintenance, they are easy to ride with different riding-levels, no warming up etc. We even get permission to ride on private properties because we are not disturbing anyone! We are offering a 37 km trail with 900 meters difference in altitude.”

Joël has chosen for Electric Motion. With fifteen years of experience in the motorcycle industry, Electric Motion’s team of technicians, engineers and designers has been investing for 5 years in the field of electric vehicles. More than 700 units are already produced and sold around the world.

Globules Verts offers you three ranges of electric offroad motorcycles:

Range Trial (EM LITE and EM SPORT)
reserved for experienced riders,
For the die-hard fans of trial, Globules Verts offers also a private terrain.

Range Hiking (E-SCAPE)
with its 40km (or 2H30) autonomy and its 65km/h, it passes everywhere.

Trail range (E-TREK)
with its 60km (or 3H30) autonomy and its 85km/h, it is the most versatile motorcycle to discover the area.

Joël Mathery is a professional hiking guide and motorcycle monitor. But also a passionate, curious, experienced and nature lover and convinced that the practice of electric motorcycle is compatible with other users of the massif des Vosges as shown by the beautiful report on TLVA (Television Locale of the Val d’Argent).

You can watch it here:

You don’t have to be an experienced motorcyclist – everybody can ride, after a two minutes briefing you are ready to go in this beautiful scenery. It’s ideal to recharge your personal batterie.

Electric Motorcycles News is already a fan: now you can ride in nature without feeling guilty.

More info: Globules Verts
Contact: Joël Mathéry | +33 6 37 77 09 75

Guy Salens

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