Official press release – Monday December 17th | FLY FREE SMART MOTORCYCLES, located in Long Beach – CA, released today details on its second model, called SMART CLASSIC (CAFE RACER).


Inspired on the celebrated Cafe Racers that emerged in England in the early 1950s, it has a predominant “race bike” look, giving the motorcycle an aspect of rebellion and unique posture. These models are differentiated by the position of lower handlebars, practically in line with the mono seat. A small spoiler is also present and gives extra support to the pilot.

Electric Motorcycles News - Fly Free Smart Motorcycles - Smart Classic

Always thinking about offering differentiated and customized solutions for different consumer profiles, we count on our line of Classic models with metallic and bright colors that sophisticate its look. The color combinations available are: brown with beige, red with dark gray , beige with blue and graphite with green.

Like the Desert model, you can also include some accessories on your Smart Classic to make it perfect for your needs: double brown bag, black bag and double steel box.

Electric Motorcycles News - Fly Free Smart Motorcycles - Smart Classic



  • HEADLIGHT: The headlamp in LED with its “X” format brings modernity to the bike and, of course, a great light beam for your safety.
  • SPEED METER: The rounded model offers air but retro, marking the speed, battery charge, distance, engine temperature, controller and battery.
  • LED DETAILS: The led-litten logo on the side of the (fairing) features  a sophisticated and unique design.
  • REAR LIGHT: The horizontal led rear light offers a stylish and modern impression. (It also has a side led attached to the board.)

Electric Motorcycles News - Fly Free Smart Motorcycles - Smart Classic

The battery pack is designed to be easily removable. It comes with stock LG branded lithium batteries. Using the motocycle in Eco speed mode your range reaches up to 50 miles. The Smarts have the possibility of using two battery kits, which also doubles their range.

Electric Motorcycles News - Fly Free Smart Motorcycles - Smart Classic

The 3000w electric motor has 3 speed modes: eco, city and speed, giving greater comfort in either low, medium or high speed. Using 2 battery kits, the engine can reach top speed of 50 mph. Another advantage of the electric motor is the ease of operation, without gearshift or clutch levers.

Electric Motorcycles News - Fly Free Smart Motorcycles - Smart Classic


Your smart key system offers greater protection and security for your Smart and still has a USB port for charging devices. Smarts have an application with many functions, which work on both Android and IOs.

FLY FREE reported that there will be a delay on the previously scheduled start of pre-sale. The initial price of your SMARTS on retail is going to be $6,399.00.
The new pre-sale date is March 2019 and will happen via crowdfunding with discounts of 35% to 40% on announced products.

Electric Motorcycles News - Fly Free Smart Motorcycles - Smart Classic

About Fly Free Smart Motorcycles:

Crazy in love with motorcycles and technology, we created FLY FREE SMART MOTORCYCLES, a company specialized in electric motorcycles. Founded May 24, 2016, the startup is located in Long Beach – California.
Our initial idea was to manufacture a visually appealing electric motorcycle based on the scrambler models, that would represent something in the customer’s lifestyle. We hand-made the first prototype. After several tests, of which we also actively participated on all phases, we arrived at the main model. Not content with a singular product, we asked ourselves: why not go further? – Three models were created from a basic operating system and are called: SMART DESERT, SMART OLD and SMART CLASSIC.

CUSTOMIZATION is the main feature of our SMARTS. Knowing other cultures, we realize that each person is unique and that each place has different characteristics. You´ll be able to assemble 80 different combinations! Ordering yours will be easy! You choose the model, then the body color, seat color, and finally choose the accessories you want to include.

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