Zero Motorcycles, the global electric motorcycle sales and innovation leader, is pleased to announce that the first example of the electric dual sport touring motorcycle has been delivered to its leading European dealer of 2017, Ecomobiel in Antwerp.

Electric Motorcycles News - Zero Motorcycles DSR Black Forest Edition

Inspired by the German Black Forest in the heart of Europe, the new model was announced on March 1 and has been developed to meet the growing demand of riding enthusiasts seeking to tour on electric. It offers the longest range of any electric dual sport by leveraging the highest power and energy density battery tech in the EV industry. Included in the package is Zero’s game-changing new Charge Tank and a set of premium integrated luggage. On a single charge travelers can enjoy touring through nature with a range of 163 miles (262km) at city speeds and 78 miles (126km) at motorway speeds. The new charging tech quickly replenishes the battery at up to 94 miles (152km) of range for every hour plugged in. This combination of longer range and faster charging is what makes electric touring possible. Riders can fuel their dual sport adventure using the vast and growing network of Level II charge stations accessible across Europe. The Zero Motorcycles Black Forest Edition is available in two versions: with and without a Charge Tank. Prices start at £17,285 (inclusive of £1500 government grant) and bikes will be arriving in UK dealerships this month.

Electric Motorcycles News - Zero Motorcycles DSR Black Forest Edition Electric Motorcycles News - Zero Motorcycles DSR Black Forest Edition

Roby Zahler of Ecomobiel received the first DSR Black Forest Edition in his Antwerp store this week. He said: “The Black Forest was exactly the bike we were waiting for within the model range of Zero Motorcycles. It will create a mind shift about travelling and touring on an electric motorcycle and looks very adventurous. Besides a great trigger for all our other Zero Motorcycles it’s also a perfect display for all the accessories available.”

Electric Motorcycles News - Zero Motorcycles DSR Black Forest Edition


Managing Director of Zero Motorcycles EMEA , Umberto Uccelli, added: “Roby has always been a visionary and understands our brand, products and customers very well. We are very proud to have him as our partner. In the meantime Roby has already sold the first Black Forest bikes by showing and exciting his clients with the concept of the electric adventure dream.”

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