They called themselves revolutionaries within the industry and they strive to “Make Every Ride Electric”. Fenris Motorcycles is now working at a very ambitious E-Superbike.

Named after a wolf of the Nordic Mythology, this new superbike is going to be a worthy opponent to the existing traditional gasoline-powered sport motorcycles. Fenris Motorcycles uses a brushless, water-cooled AC motor specially developed for the motorcycle. The superbike is very compact and weighs only 180kg, but still has a performance of 150kW/250Nm (or 200 pk). A beautiful and savvy technical design will make this beast accelerate from 0-100 km/h in less than 3 seconds, and perform with a top speed of 300 km/h.

The digital approach to the construction of a motorcycle makes it possible to regulate both ESC-system, traction control with high precision and adjust the overall center of gravity through an app, allowing the motorcycle’s performance to be adjusted to the specific driver and his level of experience.
The construction of the Fenris motorcycle furthermore makes it possible to produce different types of bikes without changes in the core construction of the bike – something which is not possible on regular motorcycles.

Anders Lynge (Director of design), Bjarni Freyr (CTO),  and Jesper Vind (CEO) have positive thoughts about the future: in 2017 their superbike prototype will be fine-tuned for manufacturing to present it later on to the market in 2019.

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Fenris Motorcycles
Article in Center for Electric Power & Energy

Guy Salens

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