FEDDZ does not have a conventional moped or scooter design with integrated electrotechnology – FEDDZ makes it obvious that you are out and about without emissions. It is the most authentic electro two-wheeler of its kind. And FEDDZ was given design awards and a technology award for that very reason.

Electric Motorcycles News - Feddz

With FEDDZ, you are out and about in the city, on your business premises, at the airport, in your clique or just alone chilling out. No exhaust gases, no lubrication, no disturbing noise. The cargo area (23 litre volume) off ers space for your day pack, sports things, office stuff …

Electric Motorcycles News - Feddz


With a range of 60 kilometres, you can relax and travel through the city on your daily adventures. The open framework integrates the interchangeable battery in a form-fit way and with a low centre of gravity. The battery is installed in a box protecting it from rain and splash water.

Remove the battery, charge it, assemble it: The battery box on the vehicle, which is protected against theft, is unlocked and simply lifted out. The battery is connected to a household socket with the battery charger. The battery can also be charged if the box remains in the FEDDZ. The magnetic plug connection in the vehicle makes it very easy to connect to the power supply. The battery box is put back in its position, the battery and connections find their own way and connect all by themselves.

Electric Motorcycles News - Feddz

When braking, up to 15 % battery power is fed back by way of motor recuperation. The battery comprising high-performance lithium-ion cells and the intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) with integrated performance electronics originate from German production.


FEDDZ can be adjusted to your height and ideal sitting position: The saddle is height-adjustable. The foot rests can be front-mounted or set to be sporty and agile. The 40 mm high-riser handlebar provides for ergonomic variability. The cruiser two-wheeler geometry, the low centre of gravity and the excellent driving behaviour not only create a feeling of security but also show FEDDZ bikers in a really cool rider position – whether you are 1.60 or 1.95 metres tall.

Electric Motorcycles News - Feddz


FEDDZ is clever. When FEDDZ is on its side stand, the word “kickstand” appears on the display. In this case, the accelerator handle is blocked for safety reasons. As soon as you get on it and the side stand is folded up, the immobiliser is unlocked. FEDDZ is Bluetooth compatible and has its own smartphone app. The USB port serves the purpose of exporting data, for remote maintenance and diagnosis for servicing. FEDDZ is activated with the RFID chip card.

App data overview:

  • Current speed in km/h
  • Current power consumption in amperes
  • Average driving speed in km/h
  • Maximum driving speed in km/h
  • Daily kilometres (TRIP) in km
  • Total kilometres driven in km
  • Battery capacity
  • Residual voltage of the battery in volts
  • Currently required performance in watts
  • Estimated driving distance remaining in km

Electric Motorcycles News - Feddz


The FEDDZ manufacturer offers the bike framework in any desired paint colour in the custom made programme. In addition, customised special equipment can be taken into consideration such as:

  • 12 V and 24 V additional wiring for navigation systems, smartphones,….
  • Foil wrapping on screens/covers
  • Apply your own graphics
  • Load trailer with inertia brake

A wide range of coloured belt straps, cargo bags, painted and transparent side covers make your FEDDZ even more unique


Back wheel hub electric motor, brushless.

45 km/h and 25 km/h to be chosen from and are perfect for the city centre. 2 kW. More powerful motors available upon request. 4 drive modes can be selected via the handlebar push-button: Eco / Custom / Sport / Wheely.

Electric Motorcycles News - Feddz


  • Models offering speeds up to 45 km/h or 25 km/h
  • Approved for street traffic in the EU
  • Own weight: 35 kg, including the battery: 47 kg
  • 2.0 / 2.4 kW rear wheel drive
  • Disk brakes in front and in rear
  • Removable “plug-in and drive” battery
  • Recovery of braking energy (recuperation)
  • Battery rechargable using household electric current (EU 230V)
  • Battery and motor controller with USB interface for servicing purposes
  • RFID key system
  • Battery with 1900 Wh
  • Range 60 km

Technical modifications reserved.


  • Lithium ion 48 V battery with 8 A battery charger
  • Magnetic connectors on the vehicle side for simple battery connection
  • Battery and motor controller USB interface for maintenance
  • Hydraulic Magura disc brakes on the back and front wheel
  • Rear swinging fork with shock absorbers
  • Front wheel fork with 20 mm shaft system
  • Schwalbe Crazy Bob tyres 26” x 2.35
  • High-performance led headlight by Philips
  • LED back light with integrated brake light
  • LED signal sets at front and back with interval switch
  • Side stand with immobiliser
  • Cargo compartment with 23 litres storage space
  • 2 belt straps in black with clip-in fast release fastener
  • Side mirror, left-hand side
  • Horn
  • Wheel protection and registration plate holder
  • Seat, height-adjustable
  • Anodised aluminium foot rests
  • RFID chip card as key
  • 4 driving modes to be selected via handle button
  • Display is Bluetooth compatible
  • Tacho app for smartphones

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