At the EICMA 2017 Motorcycle Show in Milan, Evoke Motorcycles unveiled it’s 2nd model: the Evoke Urban Classic. What began as a weekend hobby building custom electric bikes in a tiny 5×5 meter garage, has now evolved into an ambitious, young company with an enthusiast team. Evoke Motorcycles was considered as one of the top 3 startup’s in Asia and there partnership with Foxconn (the maker of the iPhone) is giving a boost to this company.

But let’s talk about some motorcycle stuff:

On-board Fast Charging
With Evoke’s on-board fast charger, it only takes 3 hours to charge 80% and a full charge gets you 200km in range. Not only is charging supported via L2 charging stations but is also supported by standard household outlets, allowing Evoke riders a convenient way to charge up without access to a charging station.

Ultra-bright LED Light Clusters
Our lights utilize the latest in LED technology to intensify brightness without compromise, giving the rider maximum visibility of the road. The new ultra-bright LED headlight was designed with a classically round look to give the café-style motorcycle a classic, timeless look.

Crystal Clear LCD Touch Display
Do more than just view an image. Touch it. Control it. Interact with it using Evoke’s advanced LCD dashboard. Multi-touch, high resolution, and great digital connectivity are brought together with style to provide the ultimate touch experience.

The Urban Classic has an impressive 200km range which can keep you commuting for days without having to charge.

19kW Hub Motor
With a maximum torque of 116.6 Nm, Evoke’s unique hub motor is the ideal drive for ambitious and demanding riders. Up to 300% of perfectly delivered support, incredible dynamism and grip provide the best possible support from the highway to the streets. Our progressive motor automatically adapts to the individual’s riding style, giving you the smoothest ride possible.

Regenerative Braking
Recovering lost energy and charging directly back to your battery for boosted efficiency and range, making braking safer. Regen braking activates smoothly and seamlessly, similar to lightly feathering the brakes, offering an additional stopping system that give you more control of your bike.

Classic Diamond Stitched Leather Seats
Hand-stitched from the finest Tibetan leather and delicately wrapped around plush padding, ensuring you a comfortable ride where ever you go. High density foam that is both anti-microbial and anti-bacterial so you don’t have to worrying about stains from rain, or coffee that you spill.

The café racer mirrors give the Urban Classic a sleek, stylish feel without comprising rear visibility. By utilising a stealthier design, wind noise is reduced whilst creating an uncluttered look.

Easy to Ride
Without gears, a clutch or a footbrake, the Urban Classic is as easy as riding a bicycle. With only a twist-&-go throttle and simple handlebar mounted brakes to operate, riding just got a whole lot easier.

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