EMN: “We know the team of Evoke Motorcycles for a long time now and it’s good to see how they expanding their locations all over the globe.”

Press release | Evoke Motorcycles announces that it is coming to Austria, Germany and Malta. Adding to our locations in America, Australia, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Norway, and Spain, we are happy to announce that we have expanded to 3 new locations (Austria, Germany, and Malta) having new distributors/resellers join the team we call a family.

Evoke Electric Motorcycles | Electric Motorcycles News
Evoke Electric Motorcycles | Electric Motorcycles News

Our 2018 models are already in place for test rides in Austria; while our 2020 smart electric motorcycles will be arriving soon. We believe the 2020 models are a huge improvement compared to the 2018 models. As we are taking pre-orders, we will prioritise this shipment, before we will have them in stock for sale. We are currently taking pre-orders for Germany as well, and are soon to be shipped. Our 2020 Urban Series models have already been shipped to Malta and are expected to arrive by the end of November.

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