Press release | Beijing, China – January 26, 2018 – Evoke Electric Motorcycles announced today that they are developing a reverse gear for its range of motorcycles. With first time and inexperienced riders in mind, the reverse gear is meant to aid motorcycle parking in compact spaces and will have a top speed of 5 kmh. Riders will be able to activate the reverse gear through the LCD touch control panel.

With more smart tech being developed and integrated into EVs, Evoke Electric Motorcycles is constantly looking to improve its motorcycles and make them more user-friendly. By adding a reverse gear to its motorcycles, Evoke aims to make urban parking easier and to reduce the chance of dropping the bike for riders who are slight of build.

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Evoke BD Director Ren Chin Zonbo had this to say, “While experienced riders wouldn’t bat an eye at Evoke motorcycles total weight of 169 kg, many new or inexperienced riders voice concerns about dropping and damaging their bike or injuring themselves. Adding a reverse gear will make manoeuvring in and out of parking spaces much easier for new riders and is less taxing on their legs.

About Evoke
Based in Beijing, Evoke Electric Motorcycles is a start-up devoted to rebooting the motorcycle lifestyle for the next generation. Pioneering the way in connected, accessible, and easy to ride motorcycles, Evoke has changed the game for everyone. Using our patented electric drivetrain, Evoke ensures that your bike keeps powering you on throughout years of enjoyable riding. Without the hassle of tedious maintenance and constant refuelling, our electric motorcycles have unlocked a simplified riding experience that electrifies the soul.

Built upon our passion for a life on two wheels, we have incorporated the ultimate thrill of riding motorcycles with the technology of our modernized world. Evoke provides safe, easy to ride smart electric motorcycles to new and experienced riders alike.


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