Our newspartner EvNerds has been very busy these days to search for your global electric motorcycle news. I admit, I am a little older than these young bunch … so I need my beauty sleep from time to time …

Here is a line up:

RMK Vehicles E2 electric motorcycle exclusive news

EvNerds: “We got some fresh EV news about RMK vehicles and their new electric motorcycle E2 concept. Let us begin by saying that we are happy to be one of the first magazines that took RMK vehicles seriously and recognized the talented people behind the company. RMK vehicles sent us newest company updates and a small video teaser of the bike assembly!”

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rmk-e2-electric-motorcycle - Electric Motorcycles News - EvNerds

Davin’s Motorcycles introduces Yamaha YG-1T electric classic moped

Yamaha YG-1T ( Yamaha Trailmaster 80 ) moped from the 60’s is now reborn as an electric moped made by custom works of Davin Motorcycles from Iran.

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Electric Motorcycles News - EV NERDS - Davin Motorcycles

Italian Electric Bike TECHNO CRUISER

Arlix company presented TECHNO CRUISER electric bike back in 2017 on EICMA. EvNerds is writing about this Italian company because they feel Arlix was not fully covered in Internet media and has a lot to show off. This electric bike has an interesting combination of a Carbon frame ( you do not notice that on the first look ) and an aluminum Girder fork.

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Electric Motorcycles News - EV NERDS - Arlix Tecno Cruiser


Guy Salens

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