Source: website Vins Motors | Designed on the wave of the electric mobility revolution of these years, EV-01 is the first electric sport prototype that aims at the lightness, sustainability and technology innovation in perfect Vins’s style. With a brand new design and shape, compared to the combustion engine models, the EV-01 conserve the carbon fiber monocoque and the design philosophy of the brand based in Maranello.

The result is a unique bike with a determined design which connect the powertrain of the future with the clear shapes and smooth volmes from the ‘90s to achieve a perfect match between past, modern and future.

EV-01 stands out for the search of the best materials and for a 360° sight to the ambient, not only by his powertrain but also for the weight reduction and the study on the aerodynamic, all characteristics which affect the consumption. An attention for the details, on the Electric Vins, which reflect the pure Made in Italy products. Vins wants to be the ambassador non only for the innovation and avant-garde but also for the attention on the details and all his aspects.

The style is completely new with smoother and more aerodynamic shapes, good for the highest speed. To keep the design simple and pure, also the inverter air ducts are re-designed and hired into the fairings to guarantee the maximum flow rate.

The monocoque chassis matches perfectly with the electric powertrain, fulfil the aim for which has been designed, or rather, preserve the powertrain components and be versatile, for more models and functions. EV-01 is powered with the Zero ZF75-5 engine, thanks to the collaboration with the most important brand of the world for the two wheels electric vehicles, pioneer on the electric mobility revolution. Extremely compact and light, the Zero engine guarantee excellent performances without any emission.

Pictures credit: Vins Motors

Guy Salens

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