Rizoma was looking for designers, engineers, and students to show the future of motorcycling. Forward-thinking digital submissions have been collected through June 30th 2019 in two contest categories—motorcycle design and aftermarket product design.

Erik Askin | Rizoma Design Challenge | Electric Motorcycles News

The winner – class “Motorcycle Design”

Erik Askin is Associate Design Director at New Deal Design (San Francisco) and has won with his project “Tryal” the Rizoma Design Challenge – class “Motorcycle Design.” As a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Erik was forever changed during an internship when he first sat on a Ducati Monster. For him, Miguel Galluzzi’s iconic design served as both a benchmark for excellence as well as inspiration to think differently. Erik would like to thank all the Rizoma Challenge judges, voters and organisers … and is looking forward to trying his new Rizoma Rearsets, a Rev’It Racesuit and NEXX Helmets at his next roadtrip.

Erik Askin | Rizoma Design Challenge | Electric Motorcycles News

About Tryal (txt Erik Askin)

The future of motorcycling will hinge on getting more riders on two wheels. Among an industry catering towards performance and horsepower, the Tryal Bike offers a friendlier approach. Simple, approachable and most importantly … fun, this is a bike that is easy for anyone to ride. Bold colours, clean iconic forms, and fun features such as the customise-able dot matrix headlight, makes the Tryal an exciting new choice for future riders. A modern day mini-moro with 14” wheels, electric drive train, and upright geometry the Tryal is a blast for learning or simply a fun way to get around town.

Erik Askin | Rizoma Design Challenge | Electric Motorcycles News
Erik Askin | Rizoma Design Challenge | Electric Motorcycles News

About Rizoma

Founded in 2001 as a small workshop near Milan, Rizoma is now recognized as a global leader in aftermarket motorcycle hard parts. An unwavering focus on design and excellence, alongside a striking machined-aluminum aesthetic have made Rizoma a favorite of builders worldwide—from the master craftsman to the garage enthusiast.

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More about the Rizoma Design Challenge: https://rizomadesignchallenge.com/

Guy Salens

Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.