Endurofun (Belgium) organises various off-road motorcycle courses, road trips, travel tours (in cooperation with Jowi Reizen) and specific training courses. If you ever want to get acquainted with the offroad motorsport such as motortrial, enduro or just fun offroad with a big allround motorcycle, Endurofun has it all. With your own or rented motorcycle, the adventure awaits you and your friends.

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Endurofun works with a number of training levels: you can get started as a beginner, but the advanced rider will also find what he (or she) is looking for in this range of courses. Usually this is the preparation for an exciting enduro trip abroad organised by the organisation. Not only riding skills are part of the programme, the technical part is also discussed, and the safety aspect of course.

The electric switch with Sur-Ron

For a few weeks, the electric switch occurred in the organisation by means of the Sur-Ron dirt bike. The “Firefly”, the first model to be produced in series by SUR-RON since 2016, combines the simple handling of a bicycle with the rebellious power of an off-road motorcycle. It is a high-performance, reliable and affordable off-road electric vehicle, dedicated to both urban mobility and sports. Equipped with a waterproof and removable battery pack, a lightweight forged frame made of aluminum alloy and with developing instant torque, the Sur-Ron model meets the highest market requirements in its segment. The Sur-Ron contains both the high torque of a dirt-bike and the lightweight agility of a downhill bike. It has a dynamic appearance from all angles.

Fun with Sur-Ron

The Sur-Ron has already been around for several years and is a very reliable product with a lot of fun factor degree. Due to its size & weight, this model is very easy to handle. Ideal for young and old, partly due to its homologation as a moped on the public road (a classic 50 cc).

Sur-Ron Center | Endurofun | Electric Motorcycles News | THE PACK

It will be integrated in the new Endurofun courses, mixed use on & off road (range 55 – 60 km) with up and down hill riding. The compact light battery charger (weighing only 1800 gr – 20 x 10 cm) is easily portable in a normal size backpack. Practically no maintenance and easy to equip with a tank bag, hand caps & other stuff.

New E-training

These bikes get a separate place in the Start-2-Enduro courses from Endurofun. Various courses guarantee a suitable tailor-made challenge. A car or moped driving license is sufficient to ride these electric dirt bikes. More info at the website of Endurofun >

Sur-Ron Center | Endurofun | Electric Motorcycles News | THE PACK

Testing possibilities

It’s possible to test the Sur-Ron Firefly at Geetbets (Belgium). You can order a 2 hours guided test drive for 75,- EUR (buyers get the test drive for free). Candidates can always contact Bart: +32 494 15 11 50 or at info@surroncenter.be

Sur-Ron Center | Endurofun | Electric Motorcycles News | THE PACK

Bart: “We have a few models in demo at our Sur-Ron Center. Both new and ex-demo models are offered for sale. Experience test driving, training or company / friends ride outs, it can be electrical today.” Ideally, the Firefly has an EU homologation (class L1e-B; corresponds to small mopeds of 50 cm³) and may be used accordingly on public roads. The price of the Sur-Ron “Firefly” is 4199 EUR. Prices of used demo-models are on request”.

Sur-Ron Center | Endurofun | Electric Motorcycles News | THE PACK

Specifications Sur-Ron

  • Length: 1860 mm
  • Width: 780 mm
  • Height: 1050 mm
  • Min Ground Clearance: 270 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1230 mm
  • Vehicle Weight: 47 kg
  • Weight distribution of Frame Wheel Axle: 24 kg
  • Weight distribution of Rear Wheel Axle: 26 kg
  • Max Load Capacity: 93 kg
  • Cooling Method: Air-Cooled
  • Climbing Ability: 45°
  • Range: Up to 69 km
  • Transmission Type: Belt + Chain
  • Frame Type: Aluminium Alloy, Double Cradle Design
  • Front Shock Absorber: Double-tube telescopic shock absorber
  • Rear Shock Absorber: Multi-link central shock absorber
  • Tire Size (Front / Rear): 700/100-19 42RM
  • Wheel Size (Front / Rear): 19 × 1.4
  • Front / Rear Brake Type: Bilateral 4-piston hydraulic disc brake
  • Controller Type: 48/60 V X-Version Sine Wave Controller
  • Loader: 97,2 V / 210 A
  • Battery: 60 V x 32 Ah  = 1920 Wh

The future?

Sur-Ron Center | Endurofun | Electric Motorcycles News | THE PACK
Sur-Ron Storm Bee … coming soon?

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