The Week of Mobility is the festival of sustainable mobility. Numerous actions and initiatives make us reflect on our travel behaviour and let us taste the alternatives.

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This year, 49 cities and municipalities in Flanders are organizing a Car-Free Sunday on September 22th. All 13 Flemish city centers are also participating for the very first time. More than 2 million Flemish people can enjoy a day of car rest and streets full of activities with room for people. The vacated space is enthusiastically taken over by countless local initiatives, neighbourhood parties, open-air festivals, animation and information stands.

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Info stand from Electric Motorbikes at the Automotive Campus in Helmond

On 22 September, EMN organizes an information stand with electric motorcycles in collaboration with the municipality of Boechout and the Dutch e-motor dealer Electric Motorbikes. A number of electric motorcycles and scooters will be shown to the general public.

Guy Salens (EMN): “Boechout is my hometown and I am pleased to present these new sustainable means of transport during the Car-Free Sunday. I am convinced that people are looking for new mobility solutions. Two wheelers could be one of these solutions …”

Guy Salens (EMN)

One car-free Sunday is sufficient for a measurable effect on air quality. In the context of the (inter) municipal mayor covenants and climate commitments, this initiative is also the way to make citizens aware of their own role in limiting CO2 emissions. It is not only the government that is responsible for reducing this. The same citizens also benefit personally from active journeys by bicycle or on foot. Leaving the car means more movement and healthier air while moving. In short: a healthy body in a healthy living environment.

When / Where?
September 22th
Jef Van Hoofplein, Boechout (Belgium)
10:00 > 16:00 hrs

Guy Salens

Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.