We live in a very strange world these days. We have to take care for ourselves, our family and loved ones in the first place. Our world will never be the same anymore. 

But we must keep going on. When most parts in the world are going in a lockdown, statistics are popping up: more clean air, less pollution and nature slowly recovers … It’s hard to say but it’s sad that bad things have to happen in order for most people to stop and look around.

For electric motorcycle manufacturers:

You are already convinced that electric mobility is the future. This technology will still evolve in the coming years but I am convinced that your solutions will get more attention of the people around the world.

It’s not the time to talk business now. That is not appropriate these days. But I want to tell you that EMN is working at an online hybrid concept of editorial and sales. This will be based on real test rides in the future with your motorcycles. EMN can be a new cloud retail channel for you. When the time is ready, you shall be informed with the practical information.

For our readers:

In the future, EMN will publish more real working electric motorcycles and scooters. We hope we get some bikes here in Belgium from the manufacturers to have a test ride and review. In this way we want to build a realistic database for the future. We’ll provide some ways at EMN to contact directly these brands if you are interested in buying an electric motorcycle or scooter. Or if you want more information about specific models or dealers in your area.

Meanwhile, I wish you and your family a safe haven and I hope we can go together on a motorcycle ride on a certain day in the future.

Electric Motorcycles News open letter to manufacturers

Guy Salens

Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.