We all know the world is changing. Mobility is changing. Since March 2017, Electric Motorcycles News (EMN) shares all kind of information about electric motorcycles, scooters and some other light electric vehicles. EMN is one of the first “go-to” websites in the world for this new e-market. And we are changing too. We are not a common digital online magazine. We want to be part of this electric market.

Marutee Design & Engineering | Electric Motorcycles News
From left to right: Srinivasan Laxman | Guy Salens | Selvaraj Ramachendran

New! Design & Engineering Services

And I am very pleased to announce today that we are going to a next and higher level! EMN is going to work together with the design and engineering team of Marutee (India) for all kind of development of light electric vehicles.

Founded in 2010, Marutee is a Niche Engineering Consulting Firm focused on providing high quality, value added technology and consulting services. Since its inception Marutee has grown to be one of the trusted partners in this domain to its customers worldwide.

Marutee Design & Engineering | Electric Motorcycles News

The engineering team at Marutee has extensive experience in executing and managing various Automotive Design and Analysis Projects. Marutee can support the product development process beginning from the concept stage to Final Design through the use of various state of the art design, analysis and optimization tools. Marutee has an excellent network of partners worldwide to support Prototyping and Manufacturing (Including Additive Manufacturing). 

Selvaraj Ramachendran, Global Sales Director Marutee:“Marutee has a very highly Skilled Engineering Talent. With EMN’s strategic partnership, together we can demonstrate and build best in class Electric Vehicle Solutions.

Marutee Design & Engineering | Electric Motorcycles News

Global E-motorcycle and E-scooters projects

From now on we can discuss any light electric vehicle project from all over the world. Do you already have a design? No problem, we can help your company with our engineering services. Marutee has the people for providing technical staff for on-site project support. Or do you want to order only a prototype? Or 10 prototypes? Everything is possible.

Marutee Design & Engineering | Electric Motorcycles News
From left to right: Selvaraj Ramachendran | Srinivasan Laxman | Guy Salens

Srinivasan Laxman, Director US Operations:“I am very excited about making Marutee a global player in the EV segment together with EMN.

EMN is pretty excited about this cooperation. Guy Salens, owner EMN: “This is an important moment for EMN. In addition to providing information, we can now be more involved in the creation and production process of light electric vehicles.”

Your next project?

Guy Salens: “With EMN we are a bridge between designers, engineers and manufacturers. And of course we bring all the news to our public, a community that’s growing every day (Almost 20K followers on our Instagram account).” Together with Marutee, we can offer so much more.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your project. Whether it’s about a design project, engineering problems or building a prototype. And of course we still have our promotion and public relations possibilities. Let’s grow together.


Guy Salens
E-motorcycle consultant
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Guy Salens

Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.