In Wanroij (The Netherlands) you’ll find an Electro-Cross Park with indoor and outdoor tracks. This allows you to practice this sport whenever you want all year. There are difficult tracks for adults and pro’s with soft sand surface in the woods but also easy going hills for kids. The indoor parcours is accessible for any level of riding skill.

Indoor & outdoor cross

After registration you will get your protective clothing and your instructions. You receive a cool outfit with helmet, trousers, cross boots, shirt, body protector and gloves. Test driving is a must before you begin at your personal run (8 à 10 minutes/run and e depending of the arrangement). Experienced instructors are always present on the trail for security reasons. And of course children and adults have separate ‘races’. Depending on the arrangement and number of people, you have a 1.5 to 2.5 drive on the circuit (with a few breaks). Electro Cross is suitable for boys and girls from 6 years.


  • individual training
  • kids parties
  • business events
  • teambuilding events


  • 6-11 years: OSET 16 inch
  • 9-11 years: OSET 20 inch
  • 12-15 years: Quantya MMX
  • > 15 years: KTM Freeride E

Source & pictures: Electro Cross

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