More and more people are creating new business with electric motorcycles. In a few earlier posts we mentioned ‘Globules Verts’ (France) and the ‘Electrocross Park’ in Wanroij (The Netherlands). Today we present you Electric Trial Paradise founded by Jérôme Delair (coach of National France Trials Team and multiple champion of France). He presents different levels of motorcycle trial courses. The courses will have place mainly in Saint Martin de Castillon, 2 other terrains will be offered occasionally, Lancon De Provence and Le Puy Saint Reparade (France).

Electric Trial Paradise

Jérôme offers the Electric Motion (Sport and Trek) for adult riders. Oset is the perfect solution for kids and younger riders. Helmets and boots are available for the students of the school. For the activity it will be necessary to bring a jeans or trainingsuit. For experienced riders, Jérome teaches you all the techniques that you desire in a 5 days course, their special arrangement.

Especially for kids

Jérôme Delair will offer you an inflatable circuit with 6 electric motorcycles, 2 motorcycles for children from 5 to 10 years old, 2 motorcycles from 10 to 14 years old and 2 motorcycles for teenagers and adults. It will be possible to add 2 motorcycles more … This activity will offer 3 rounds per person, during their course the trainees will learn the bases of trial on motorcycles which will be limited in power. No noise, no high speed, the bikes will be very easy to ride. An instructor will be present to advise the children in a friendly atmosphere.

It’s all about pleasure, nature, respect, landscapes, fun, conviviality, no speed, balance, sensations, smells of thyme and lavender … It’s a unique opportunity to ride through the beautiful landscapes of this region.

Jérome Delair

For ten years Jérôme was one of the top five Frenchmen. Unfortunately, an injury in 2006 forced him to step back on his life as a pilot, and finally become a high-level instructor and coach. Today Jérome still rides a lot and can show you and explain all the different techniques that can be used with a trial bike.

Source & pictures: Electric Trial Paradise
More info: Stage Mototrial

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