The M1 is an evolution of the NIU design language that puts a modern twist on heritage scooter design. Everybody has their own style, so NIU created a color just for everybody. The M1 has been created for a single rider, every design element creates a personalized experience.

NIU has been abled to reduce the weight of their frame by incorporating a curved and cradle structure. The new truss has been optimized for urban riding. Minimal at its core, the M1 cradle is made up of only three plastic components that mesh with the curved frame, that creates the illusion of a single sloping linear structure.

By employing an ultra-high temperature casting procedure, the Aluminum-Titanium alloy has allowed NIU to build a swingarm whose strength-performance out rivals the original materials.

The M1 dashboard design incorporates an all new riding-mode toggle making it that much easier for you to go from ECO to performance mode. NIU also added an intuitve hazard-light button in automobile inspired turning indicators.

No detail is overlooked. And a comfortable ride is NIU’s priority. A 45mm cushion combined with a breathable PU skin provides the ideal level of comfort for your largest touchpoint with the M1.

Everyone has different needs for their riding experience, so from storage boxes to floor mats and helmets, there are lots of accessories that matches your riding personality.


Size & weight:
Length: 1640mm
Width: 657mm
Height: 1099mm
Ground Clearance: 126mm
Wheelbase: 1150mm
Weight: 57.7kg

Battery and fast charge:
Cell Type: Lithium Ion Battery
Housing Material: Integrated Aluminum Alloy
Standard Charging Time: 6 hours
Rapid Charging Time: 3 hours
Charging Method: Direct Charge / Battery Charge
Battery Brand: LG
Capacity: 26Ah
Voltage: 48V
Battery Weight: 8.1kg
EU Homoligation Range: 51km
Est. City-Riding Range: 60-70km
Charger Size: 161 X 84 X 42.5

Power system:
Motor: BOSCH
Controller: FOC Vector Controller:
BOSCH Motor:800w
Torque: 95N.m
Incline Start: 13°

Brake Type: Front Disc Brake, Rear Drum Brake
Brake Distance: Dry 1.8m, Wet 2.5m (20km/h)

Body Structure: Truss Type
Maximum Passenger Weight: 100kg

Front Damping: Sleeve, Oil Damping Type
Rear Shock: Sleeve, Oil Damping Type
Rear Fork: Al – Ti Swingarm

Dashboard TypeFSTN Full View Angle
Sensors: Yes
Smart Headlights: Yes
Smart Auto Lights: Yes
Smart Kickstand Detection: Yes
Light Sensor: Yes
Gryoscope Sensor: Yes

Lighting system:
Silicon-based LED
Impulse Lights
Daytime Running Lights
High Beams
Unibody Tail Light
Tail Turn Indicator
Brake Light

Smart system:
Ublox Chipset
Smart Positioning
Remote Lock
OTA Upgrade
Auto-off Turn Indicators
Auto Headlights
Smart Kickstand Detection

About the company

The core of NIU is powered by an incredible team of passionate NIU Explorers. At our offices in Shanghai and Beijing, over 100 team members are helping to build the next generation of NIU vehicles.

NIU was born at the intersection of technology and industrial design. Co-founder Yinan Li (former CTO of Baidu) and Token HU (formerly of frog Design and Microsoft) joined forces to create a vehicle that envisions a new way urbanites live, work, and socialize in their favorite cities around the world.

Rayman LIU, Joseph NELSON, Token HU, Yinan LI, Yibo ZHANG, Anten HE

The NIU team is a mash-up of technologists, industrial designers, engineers, and creative designers that have come together to change the way urban citizens explore their city landscape.


NIU officially announced the signing of official distribution agreements for the markets of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Korea have been finalized. “Our distribution partners have established themselves in their markets with over 100 years of two-wheel distribution experience behind them”.

According to the official agreement, NIU electric scooters – characterized by cutting-edge battery and motor technologies, a dedicated app and award winning design – are immediately available in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Sweden, and Denmark, and will be launching in Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Korea early this autumn.

“With these innovative green vehicles we aim to bring a new concept of mobility to European cities, and introduce a new way of exploring the urban world,” says Token Hu, NIU co-founder. “We are sure that our distribution partners will be the ideal partner to support our mission, thanks to a widespread presence across the region, and as of today NIU scooters can be found in over 360 retail stores.”

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Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.