After the Energica Ego, it’s time to meet the Energica Eva. This 100% electric drive motor is the stripped down version of the Ego. Both engines are equipped with a fast charging system to recharge the battery relatively quickly, or you can use a charging cable to connect to a power outlet or charging station. With its sleek Italian design and imaginative accessories, the Energica Eva has a striking appearance. We tested the Energica Eva ‘streetfighter’ for a few days in the Netherlands.

The machine

Both Eva and Ego share the same chassis and drive: synchronous oil-cooled brushless motor with permanent magnets, powered by a high-energy 11.7 kWh lithium-polymer (Li-NMC) battery. The Energica Eva offers fast charging through the direct current Combo connector located under the seat. This charges the battery from 0 to 85% in 20-25 minutes. Fast charging is paid immediately via an app or RFID card, depending on the provider. Alternatively, the Eva can be charged at a charging station or socket with the on-board 110-220 volt charger. The charging speed can be set from 6 to 13 Amps, taking the battery from empty to full in 10 to 2.5 hours (respectively).

The Energica Eva has a range of 200 km in Eco mode (up to 90 km/h), with a limited top speed of 200 km/h. The motorbike powers up to 70 kW, delivered between 4900 and 10500 rpm. 170 Nm torque is available from 0 to 4700 rpm.

Quality components include a 43 mm multi-adjustable UPSD Marzocchi front fork and radial Brembo monoblocks with Bosch ABS. The rear wheel is mounted in an aluminium swing arm, sprung by an adjustable monoshock suspension. Everything is mounted to a steel truss frame. Driving takes place via an O-ring chain.

Eva has four driving modes with different power outputs: Sports, Urban, Eco and Rain. The engine regenerates the battery charge, and can be adjusted in three steps or turned off.

The drive

The Eva’s slightly bent seat and wide handlebars gave me a good sense of control. At 286 kg, the bike might sound heavy, but the Eva neatly follows the chosen line through both long and short turns just like a conventional motorbike. However, I did feel the bike’s weight when braking hard or moving slowly.

Sports mode, with its 70 kW (96 hp) and 170 Nm power, feels completely different to a combustion engine. This is because of the continuous power delivery and the lack of gears. The sensation of continuous acceleration is enhanced by the roaring engine noise in the background, enabling you to drive a lot faster than you think. The top speed is limited to 200 km/h. Fortunately, good Brembo monoblocks can easily handle Eva’s weight.


The three regeneration positions range from the feeling of excessive engine braking of a two-stroke engine to the feeling of a thick two cylinder four-stroke. This latter position provides most of the engine brake, regenerating the battery and ensuring you hardly need to use the brakes under normal use.

The lack of a gearbox is surprisingly comfortable thanks to the constant tension. And manoeuvring the Eva is facilitated by the Park Assist, which includes reverse driving. Park Assist is limited to 2.8 km/h.

The easy-to-read instrument panel clearly indicates the battery status, range, engine temperature and charging time on the TFT colour display. Bluetooth and UMTS communication is possible with a smartphone application, tablet or laptop. Depending on the driving style and road use, Eva has a range of 100-130 km and can be easily extended thanks to the fast charging option. While fully charging or discharging the battery isn’t necessary, it is recommended to regularly balance the battery which can be done by charging the bike overnight via a socket.



Type: Permanent Magnet AC, Oil Cooled


  • Max speed: Limited at 200 km/h (Sport Mode)
  • Torque: 170 Nm
  • Riding modes:
    – 4 Riding Modes: Urban, Eco, Rain, Sport
    – 4 Regenerative Maps: Low, Medium, High, Off
  • Park assistant: Back and Forth (2,8 km/h Max Speed)


  • Capacity: 11.7 kWh
  • Life: 1200 Cycles @ 80% Capacity (100% DOD)
  • Warranty: 3 years / 50.000 km
  • Recharge: 3.5 h (0-100% Soc) Mode 2 or 3 Charge, 30 min (0-85% Soc) Mode 4 Dc Fast Charge *


  • Front wheel: Cast Aluminum 3.5” x 17”
  • Rear wheel: Cast Aluminum 5.5” x 17”
  • Front tyre: 120/70 ZR17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso II
  • Rear tyre: 180/55 ZR17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso II
  • Frame: Steel Tubular Trellis
  • Swingarm: Cast Aluminum
  • Front suspension: Marzocchi Ø43 mm, Adjustable Rebound and Compression Damping,
    Spring Preload
  • Rear mono: Bitubo Rear Mono Shock Adjustable Rebound, Spring Preload
  • Chain: (16/44) 525 O-Ring Chain
  • ABS: Bosch Switchable
  • Front brake: Brembo, Double Floating Discs, Ø330 mm, 4 Pistons Radial Calipers
  • Rear brake: Brembo, Single Disc, Ø240 mm, 2 Piston Caliper


Vehicle control unit
A Vehicle Control Unit implementing a multi-map adaptive energy and power management algorithm manages the vehicle. It constantly monitors batteries, even in key off position


  • 4.3” Wqvga 480×272 TFT Color Display with internal memory for datalogging,
  • integrated GPS receiver and Bluetooth communication 16.7 ml colors,
  • 9 Warning Lights,
  • 6 + 6 Current Consumption Lights,
  • Ambient Light Sensor,
  • Real Time Clock,
  • GPS 10Hz

Short Range Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy

Battery charger
Onboard, [110-220]V [50-60]Hz, 3 kW.
Conforms to Standards SAE J1772 and IEC 62196-2 with pilot signal for charging station interface LPR (Long Period Rest) Function.
Allows the maintenance and automatic balancing of the batteries during long period of non use



  • Electric Green
  • Dark Blue
  • Lunar White


  • Seat height: 795 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1465 mm
  • Length: 2140 mm
  • Height: 1220 mm
  • Width: 870 mm


This data sheet is provided for reference only. Energica Motor Company reserves the right to substitute or change components.
Technical features under development may change or be implemented after vehicle purchasing with no additional costs.

Recent update!
Eva: 81 kW (110 hp) and 180 Nm


The Energica Eva is a sleek-looking, beautifully finished streetfighter that handles well, but feels heavy at slow speeds. The driving position is comfortable and the dashboard is informative. Thanks to the fast charger, the battery is relatively quick to recharge while you recharge your own batteries with a coffee. The bike’s 130 km range is more than enough for a weekend ride or a daily commute. This range is easily extendable thanks to the fast charging network currently available in the Netherlands but not (yet) in surrounding countries.

The Eva starts at € 30,734 (including VAT), which is rather expensive for the average consumer. However, there are currently tax benefits for companies that total approximately a third of the Eva’s purchase price.

Author: Andrew Thijssen for Electric Motorcycles News
More info: Energica Motor >

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