Electric Motorcycles News recently received an invitation from Electro Cross to test ride a KTM Freeride E at their indoor and outdoor park. Definitely an offer we couldn’t refuse! Electro Cross in Wanroji, the Netherlands, has been a motor enthusiasts’ playground for over five years now, with three different trails: an indoor park, a sandy outdoor motorcross area and a track through the woods. There’s something for everyone!

When I arrived at the park, a group of kids were riding their OSET bikes. Fully outfitted with motorcross boots, trousers, shirts, gloves, protective gear and helmets, the kids were having the time of their life. Kids? Don’t worry it’s completely safe. Electro Cross has a lot to offer for both kids and adults.

And safety is important. Everyone wears a complete off-road clothing outfit (included in the price), for both their protection and insurance reasons. After I was fully dressed, I joined the instructor at the indoor track. My fellow riders were a group of four businessmen who had booked a teambuilding event. Most of us hadn’t driven an electric motorcycle before, so we listened carefully to the instructions (rear brake is mounted where the clutch is usually located, so no clutch or gearbox; the ideal riding position; how to handle quick turns; etc.). We were then set loose in the arena for a test lap behind the instructor.

I must admit that this was my first time on an electric motorcycle. And with no transmission to worry about, I could focus on the track and avoiding the other riders. It soon became clear that the businessmen were extremely competitive, and we quickly had a cross contest going on. We started in pre-set riding mode 1: smooth, soft power that let us understand the bike and our off-road skills. I later tried mode 3 out in the open: brutal power but great fun.

The most difficult thing was keeping the front wheel on the right track in the bends, as it sometimes seemed to slip away. The instructor explained that it was due to my riding position and I just needed to adjust my body weight forward. I was happy to take a break after a few laps. Off-road driving is exhausting, and I definitely respect those who ride for several hours in more difficult circumstances.

Very soon we had our chance to ride out in the open. The outdoor motorcross is very technical, which isn’t my cup of tea. With all the sand on the outdoor track, you have to go fast. I did a few laps (without falling!) and was amazed by the bike’s power. The single track through the woods was great fun with loads of bends, small steps and trees to avoid. The KTM’s steering is very light and wheelies are no problem, with the front wheel easily coming up. But it’s all controllable.

If you’re considering buying an off-road electric motorcycle, I recommend a test ride on these trails. It’s a quick and easy way to test a KTM Freeride E on a variety of surfaces. I was charmed by the smooth and controllable power (depending on the riding mode) and the lack of disturbing sounds, smell and heated parts.

Bring your friends, have fun on the trails and enjoy a beer (when you’re finished riding!). Electro Cross has some great deals that include a BBQ, lunch or dinner.

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Guy Salens

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