Electric Motion and Marc Colomer have decided to participate at the Scottish Six Days Trial Championship. Marc will be entering the most legendary and difficult motortrial contest in the world riding the Epure from the French brand Electric Motion.

Marc Colomer - Scottish Six Days Trial - Electric Motorcycles News

For the first time in history an electric powered motorcycle will face the worst Scottish difficulties. With this challenging action, Marc and his team want to confirm the huge potential of their electric motorcycle. Electric Motion is the only brand in the world to produce a full range of approved competition / leisure trial and touring motorcycles for adults.

Marc Colomer - Scottish Six Days Trial - Electric Motorcycles News
Marc Colomer

The Scottish Challenge

Marc will be accompanied on this test by Electric Motion’s distributor Matthew Alpe, from Inch Perfect Trials, a motortrial specialist and great follower of the Scottish contest. He will be equipped with the same machine.

Electric Motion | Epure | Escape | Electric Motorcycles News
Epure from Electric Motion

Electric Motion: “No doubt that our two representatives will be observed in the difficulties of the event. We have the same conditions as traditional motorcycles and the same strict regulations in terms of supplies. Our sporting objective is certainly important, but, first and foremost, our objective is to prove that our silent electric motorcycles will get some attention in the global motortrial scene.

Electric Motion | Epure | Escape | Electric Motorcycles News

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What is the Scottish Six Days Trial?

Source: website SSDT | The Scottish Six Days Trial is a Motorcycle Trial with a difference! It has the additional test of reliability over long distances with riders completing up to 100 miles each day over six consecutive days. Each day they will take on a combination of rough moorland, rocky tracks and public roads in the best – and worst – weather the Highlands of Scotland can throw at them! Each daily route is designed by the Clerk of the Course to challenge the ability, experience, strength and stamina of each rider. To ride 100 miles and negotiate 30 sections each day for six consecutive days requires strength, expertise and exceptional reliability from both rider and machine.

When is the Scottish Six Days Trial?

Source: website SSDT | The Scottish Six Days Trial itself always runs from Monday to Saturday, starting on the first Monday in May, which is always the May Day Bank Holiday in the UK. If you know the date (May 4th 2020 !!) of the May Bank Holiday then you know when the SSDT is! However there’s loads more to see and do before that. The Trials action kicks off in Lochaber on the Friday before the SSDT with the two-day Pre ’65 trial taking place, based in the small town of Kinlochleven near to Fort William. Then there is the buzz of the SSDT paddock on Sunday with the annual “weigh-in” of the competitor’s bikes before the traditional parade of riders down Fort William High Street in the afternoon. If you want to get away from Trials for a while or you have family with other interests, there are all sorts of other things to do and see in the area!

More information about the Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT):

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