In 2015, Trui Hanoulle realized a road trip from Belgium to Istanbul and back, on a softly whistling electric Zero motorcycle. Recharge of 12 hours for every 250 km, ±7000 km, no highway. A unique, slow-fast journey with an ocean of time and its toes into the future. By nature it generates a great number of encounters and demands a zen mind.

Besides Istanbul, she accomplished also 3 road trips of 7 months each on her motorcycle and some short travels. She stayed abroad in Armenia (3 months), China (2 months), Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Indian Himalaya, Central Asia, Oman, Yemen, Caucasus, the Balkans … More info about Trui and her projects? Check her Facebook page #elektrogirl and Meisjes, Moslims & Motoren (= Girls, Muslims & Motorbikes).

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