Already in the late 1990ies the totally crazy idea of providing an electric motor to an aluminium pedal-scooter came to Grübel’s mind. His persistence and eagerness to experiment proved to be worth it: In early 2000 his idea hit the roads of the Republic as “Street Devil“, road approval included. This was the birth of Germany’s first electric scooter. A huge success inspiring Grübel to develop a vehicle of a higher performance class.

Discover more about Grübel’s experience in China, exciting test phases, inspiring customer requests and his vision of the era of E-mobility:

Today the electric scooters of GOVECS can be seen mainly in the streets of Europe and the USA. They all comprise a state-of-the-art battery management system and are produced in one of the most advanced production plants world-wide. Along with the development and production of their own vehicles, GOVECS meanwhile developed to a well-established Original Equipment Manufacturer all around the globe.

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