After 25 years of successfully building a financial company, Richard Hatfield, the founder and CEO of Lightning Motors Corp, decided to combine his passion for motorcycles with his commitment to the environment. Richard started his first business when he was in his teens. Later, he grew his financial business from zero to over $200 million and became profitable in the first year. Richard has a passion for technology, with key strengths in understanding technology, team-building, sales, and distribution.

Richard believes that world class performance is compatible with clean tech transportation and developed Lightning Motorcycle to prove the point. Richard led the team at Lightning in making history at Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb by being the first electric vehicle to win a major motorsports competition against the world best ICE motorcycles.

Richard has been involved in electric transportation R&D for more than 15 years when he was first recruited to be part of an electric Porsche race-car team. He found EV technology fascinating and started researching battery technology and vetted lithium battery factories around the world. In 2006 Richard developed the first lithium battery sport bike which was featured in the Los Angeles Times and was the inspiration for the first Zero Emissions race at the historic Isle of Man TT.

Richard believes that choosing to ride an electric motorcycle should not be a compromise. His mission is to build 2 wheeled electric transportation (E2W) that has superior performance to ICE motorcycles with a zero carbon footprint.

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Corporate website: Lightning Motor Corp.