With high-quality Czech production, Neil relaunched manufacturing of the iconic Čezeta scooter in 2017 with the aim of making the world’s most desirable scooter. Seen in cities around Europe, the chic electric Type 506 scooter is a unique new chapter in this classic of motorcycle history.

Neil Eammon Smith

A native of Britain, Neil Eamonn Smith, founder and CEO of Čezeta Motors has lived in the Czech Republic since 1998 and been involved in new technology startups since 2001. Neil traded in his Vespa for his first Čezeta in 2008. A new passion discovered, Neil started collecting and restoring Čezetas as a hobby. With a desire to bring it back as a high performance yet simple to live with electric sports scooter, he started a new factory in Prostějov, Czech Republic to begin manufacturing and partnered with the Czech Technical University in Prague to develop R&D into electronics and subsequent EV motorcycle technologies including the Sway throttle and the Dynamics torque selector.

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