Situated in Germany, in the region of the Harz (the most northern mountain area of Germany), Matthias Schmidt has been conducting guided motorcycle tours since 2008. With his wife Marion, he created some arrangements that stands for guaranteed fun on the motorcycle and holidays in the Harz. ’E-Tours’, ‘E-Tours-Harz’ and ‘Motorradschutzgebiet’ are the brands of MMS Concept, the company that welcomes you in the green future. With these arrangements, a lot of people have discovered electric driving.

Matthias (on the right) with Kevin Schwantz

From 2012 to 2015 he was part of the mobility project from the German government, Matthias offered e-driving and tourism into one package. Beside this, Matthias is also busy with:

  • Event programs for dealers to test e-vehicles in practice
  • From June 2017 he starts a tour program together with BMW and the eScooter
  • Trader training courses – especially for traders who want to enter the area of electric vehicles
  • Training in the field of high-voltage – theme motorbike (with the Tüv Südakademie)
  • Lectures on the subject of electric driving – motorbikes and cars
  • Consultancy on the field of e-driving and tourism (A new kind of guest = new requirements)
  • Advice and training on all areas of electro-mobility


He has also integrated a large charging station at his E-center and 6 CCS Chargers in the Harz where he sells and ships a large variety of used electric motorcycles all over the world.

Matthias, more than 300.000 km on gasoline motorcycles, is driving only electric now since 2010. At this moment he drives a Lito Sora, a luxury electric superbike, shown to him by Kevin Schwantz. With Lito Green Motion, he has done the homologation for the Lito Sora in Europe. He has sold also Zero, Brammo, Energica and Tacita and he is trying to find new products for a mass market.

Matthias: “We need to find a good electric motorcycle less than 20.000 €. Something like the Brammo Empulse R – it was nice, it drives nice and the price was okay, the charge time and the power was ok“

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