On Sunday, March 26th, 2017 Rotary Club Eindhoven Eeckaerde organizes an event to improve the world record for the longest parade of 100% electric vehicles. The current record is set in Berlin and counts 577 vehicles. Wouldn’t it be a great idea if we surpass the Germans and break the record ending at at least 600 vehicles?

This record is then added to the Guinness Book of Records.

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Rotary Club Eindhoven Eeckaerde organises the Guinness record attempt, We want to collect money to support a good cause. The profits of this event are used to support a specifically developed program of the Discovery Factory (‘De Ontdekfabriek’) in Eindhoven. This is a program developed to support elementary school students in underprivileged areas in the local region to familiarise them with technology and sustainability.


The record attempt will take place at the Automotive Campus in Helmond during the Automotive Week. It starts on Sunday, March 26th with a public event.

In addition to our record event, there will be a lot different events and experiences on this date (see www.automotiveweek.nl). Our record is free for visitors.


Just imagine? Exclusively for the record the A270 highway between Helmond and Eindhoven will be closed to all traffic. Imagine a colourful parade of various types of electric vehicles slowly moving on this track.


It will be an event to meet many other fans (fanatics) of electric vehicles and where the automotive industry gives “acte de presence”. In short, a happening that you cannot miss!


9.00 – 11.00 hour

  • Arrival participants welcome with coffee / tea.
  • Line up of vehicles, instruction to drivers.
  • Visit to the (automotive) companies that present themselves.
  • Activities for children (e.g. the Discover Factory/De Ontdekfabriek)

11.30 – 12.30 hour

  • Record attemp on A270
  • Return to Automotive Campus

From 13.00 hour

  • Visit various activities
  • Automotive Week on the Campus

During the record attempt a variety of activities are presented:

  • College presentation for children by Professor Maarten Steinbuch (TU/Eindhoven)
  • Technique bus for children
  • Guided tours by Traffic Centre Rijkswaterstaat
  • Smart Mobility experience using Virtual Reality
  • All kinds of automotive related companies will present themselves
  • Demonstrations of autonomous driving by student teams from the Technical University of Eindhoven
  • Amber Mobility: www.ambermobility.com


In and around an old factory on Strijp S in Eindhoven children can experience fantastic adventures. They can play, discover and invent, both inside and outside the premises.

The Discover Factory developed for Rotary Club Eindhoven Eeckaerde a curriculum whereby primary school children in deprived areas in the region will get informed on the subjects of technology and sustainability. The profit of the E-parade event is used to implement the program. The volunteers of the Discover Factory created a adventurous curriculum for children to inspire and involve them in the field of renewable energy.

The children will be included in a story of an inventor; the inventor is searching for the ultimate source of green energy for an electric car called Sunny. The children receive associated workshops. Finally they start building, for example wind mills and solar towers that allow them to generate energy for the presumed special electric car called Sunny. They are also encouraged to give their thoughts how to make mobility more sustainable.

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Guy Salens

Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.