Source: website E-NDURO | E-NDURO is an exciting new Electric Dirtbike Experience created by E-SCAPE and based at the legendary Rogers Hill Raceway in Dorset.

Managed by ex-Professional Motocross Racer, ACU Coach and Electric Motorcycle specialist Neil Berry, E-NDURO provides a professional and unique experience for Beginners and those with road and off-road Motorcycling experience.

Electric Motorcycles News - E-nduro Park Dorset Electric Motorcycles News - E-nduro Park Dorset

Using the KTM Freeride-E Electric Motorcycles, E-NDURO is primarily aimed at Adult riders though teenagers from age 14-15 may satisfy the minimum height requirement of 5′-6″ and be capable of riding these bikes. We also have some specially modified OSET 24 bikes for riders of age 10 -13 years or who may not meet the minimum height requirement for the KTM’s.

E-NDURO has a very easy but effective 3-part format for those visiting us for the first time :

  1. Electric Basic : This 30 minute class should get you up and running on the bikes in no time and covers basic off-road skills that you will be using throughout your later sessions on the track.
  2. Super-Charge : This 20-30 Minute Training session takes Adults and more capable riders directly onto our E-NDURO Circuit and provides more riding technique and highlights the hazards of riding this more technical course.  Younger and less confident riders can stay on a less-demanding Circuit to do more riding directly after the Electric Basic class.
  3. 25 Min Track Session : Following the Super-Charge Training, you are set to ride the E-NDURO Circuit in 25 minute sessions.  It’s very physical so we advise doing the one session as provided in the ‘Experience Session’ package before committing to more – but of course if you wish to do more sessions on the same day, you can do at extra charge.

Electric Motorcycles News - E-nduro Park Dorset

Upon completion of the initial package of training and riding, you will be given an E-NDURO Membership Card with unique member ID. This will allow you to come back to E-NDURO to hire bikes for use on the circuit.

With our new facility at Rogers Hill Raceway in Dorset, E-NDURO offers an exhilirating mix of training and riding on an Enduro loop of up to 7 miles long !

Electric Motorcycles News - E-nduro Park Dorset

Our E-NDURO EXTREME package is an additional training and Riding Package that can be purchased for a later date once the above initial training & riding package has been completed. This opens up an additional more extreme section of the E-NDURO Circuit. Training is provided to deal with this fun but very technically challenging Circuit.

Electric Motorcycles News - E-nduro Park Dorset

To book your first Training and Riding session with us, visit our ‘Sessions’ section or get in touch via this link >

Neil and his E-NDURO Team look forward to hearing from you.

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