Electric Motorcycles News (EMN) has been launched in March 2017 and is a global “go-to” website to inform and inspire a lot of people about electric motorcycles, electric scooters and some offroad performance e-bikes. My network of manufacturers and dealers has been growing ever since. Every day, I receive questions from all over the world. So that’s why I have decided to become an E-motorcycle consultant in this exciting new market.


EMN has a growing network and can guide you with:

  • press releases
  • smart mobility solutions
  • sharing projects
  • product launches
  • dealer meetings
  • networking
  • advice (design, sales, retail)

E-Brand communication strategy

A global brand communication plan includes the guidelines for a complete housestyle, graphic design for print, web, digital communication and social media for your brand, company or store. Being a graphic designer myself for almost 30 years I am responsible for all these concepts.

Electric Motorcycles News website (EMN)

EMN is a global news website about electric motorcycles and electric scooters. A few months ago I added some interesting (paid) content and advertising possibilities for manufacturers and dealers. In combination with our news items, we believe that EMN can play an active role for sales & marketing divisions for E-motorcycle companies. It’s a new channel with their target audience.

Electric Motorcycles News
  • news items
  • press releases
  • E-dealers overview (dealers can order an ID-label with their coordinates)
  • sponsored content

Statistics (August 17th 2019)

E-promotion center

Manufacturers and/or brands who are interested in the Benelux and/or the European market, can present their electric motorcycles and/or electric scooters ‘live’ to a large audience at the E-center. Depending of the formula, we add a lot of media exposure, like a test-review, photography, even a movie and social media posts to keep the presentation very active. A lot of activities are going on at the Automotive Campus (seminars, workshops, network events, …) and we create extra visibility during these activities.

E-center | Electric Motorcycles News

This E-center is a new promotion place at the Automotive Campus in Helmond (The Netherlands) in cooperation with Electric Motorbikes (Gert-Jan Rongen).

Interested? Let’s talk.