E-center, a multi-brand retail shop for The Benelux, was launched in February 2021 by Gert-Jan Rongen (Electric Motorbikes) and Guy Salens (THE PACK). Today, the E-center store has already 9 electric motorcycle brands in its showroom at the Automotive Campus in The Netherlands. With their website (ecenter.network) and social media (powered by THE PACK) the team reaches online a large community and new clients.

New young electric motorcycle brands

E-center presents new start ups such as Alrendo Motorcycles, OX Motorcycles, Pursang Motorcycles and RGNT Motorcycles. Besides these brands E-center has a gentlemens’ agreement with BREKR, a Dutch electric scooter manufacturer, Etalian retro scooters and the NIU Flagshipstore in Antwerp. And last but not least, Gert-Jan Rongen is also an official Zero Motorcycles dealer and Sur-Ron dealer. Together with THE PACK, he is always looking for new young brands and start ups.

TS Bravo | Alrendo Motorcycles | Available end of May 2021
RGNT Scrambler (blue version) | picture: RGNT Motorcycles
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E-Track | Pursang Motorcycles
E-center | THE PACK | Electric Motorcycles News
OX one | OX Motorcycles

New! Full operational lease with DirectLease

DirectLease knows the lease market like no other; as the first online provider of lease cars, this is not surprising. In 2001, DirectLease shook up the Dutch car lease market by being the first company to offer lease cars via the Internet. Over the years, the DirectLease website has grown into one of the most popular sites in the field of car leasing. DirectLease is offering now a full-operational lease of electric motorcycles in cooperation with the E-center. In a first phase, 3 models of the American brand Zero Motorcycles will be offered: Zero FX, Zero DS and the Zero SR/F.

Test rides at the Automotive Campus

E-center presents a private “test road track” on the Campus. A potential customer can get acquainted with the various models in a safety environment. When you feel you have control on the motorcycle, it can be driven on the public roads outside the Campus.

Picture: Andrew Thijssen

Electric scooters means new business for hotels and B&B owners

Exploring or cruising around with an electric scooter means an unforgettable day experience for hotel guests. They will appreciate this green mobility solution for driving around in the environment in a simple and ecological way. Discover a city on an electric scooter or ride through nature where you can discover all the quiet places? With an e-scooter you do not annoy the other “slow” road users.

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NIU Flagshipstore Antwerp

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