Press release | The E•broh Spuma Li proposes a successful style “Vintage” with a highly sophisticated electrical system. The main goal of the developers is to give the scooter a practical system and simple electric charging, which would necessarily include a removable battery, the E•broh Spuma Li is an option very successful electric mobility for the seriousness of the project born from the Zaragoza company , the correctness of its design and its acquisition value, suitable for all budgets.

Electric Motorcycles News - E•Broh - Spuma Li

  • Italian influence design and “Vintage” inspiration
  • Removable LG lon-Lithium battery 60 V.-28 Ah
  • Brushless motor of 3.000 Watts
  • Hydraulic braking system by front and rear disc
  • Studied ergonomics, great interior space and comfort
  • Design, quality, equipment and services at an affordable price.

Electric Motorcycles News - E•Broh - Spuma Li

The “Vintage” designs of the urban scooters always work and if we also join an efficient electric propulsion system, we get a new urban mobility solution. The new electric scooter E•broh Spuma Li wants to open a gap with a scooter “for everybody” by gathering all the practical advantages of state-of-the-art scooters, with a design that is always in fashion, adding the technology and quality of its electric propulsion and generation system, all at a reasonable price.

Its brushless electric motor is very compact and fits perfectly into the rear hub of the Spuma Li. It is powered by an efficient battery of 60 V. LG manufactured with lon-Lithium cells, with the added advantage of being removable, which greatly facilitates the operations of recharging the accumulator with a conventional electrical outlet, either at home or in the office. Its power is 3 kw (more than 4 HP), so the E•broh Spuma Li is suitable for driving with a moped AM license from 15 years old, or with a B car license with three years old. Its dedicated controller allows you to select from the handlebar three modes of power delivery and reverse.

Electric Motorcycles News - E•Broh - Spuma Li

Its design has been made by Italian stylists, in the case of a scooter mainly focused on European markets, being something that immediately jumps into view. It is a model that denotes a strong “Vintage” style, with soft strokes and elements of classic inspiration such as the lights, pilot and rounded mirrors, beautifications and shapes in which the broad and rounded strokes proliferate. However, on its elegant concept, very current, functional and practical solutions emerge, and the last scooter launched by the Zaragoza (Spain) company provides the best technology that allows us to move cleanly, without noise and in the most efficient and reliable way in our daily journeys.

Dynamically the E•broh Spuma Li surprises by its forceful motor torque, characteristic common to the electric motor scooters, which combined with its reduction allows to reach a maximum speed of 45 km / h. The e.broh Spuma Li also allows slopes of up to 150 incline to be overcome. The maneuverability is maximum thanks to its 12″ wheels, alloy wheels in a showy design and large section tires on both axles. As for brakes, this moped scooter is equipped with hydraulic circuit and disc brakes on each axis.

Electric Motorcycles News - E•Broh - Spuma Li

The designers have specially studied the driving position taking European size patterns in order to guarantee a correct driving position, distance from the handlebar and space for the legs of the driver and passenger. In addition to being equipped with flat floor, special care has been taken in comfort. For example, it has a wide seat, with an Alcántara-style upholstery, elegant and soft, on which two passengers can comfortably travel.

Electric Motorcycles News - E•Broh - Spuma Li

The available colours of the new E•broh Spuma Li electric are white, black, red and navy blue, four colours shortened to their classic influences that best dress their fluid shapes and rounded shapes in classic style.

The recommended price of the Spuma Li E•broh is 2,199 euros including VAT and is already available in distributors throughout Spain and Portugal.

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