Everyday we find new brands, new teams, new models. There’s so much going on in electric mobility. Normally we present only motorcycles and scooters and less e-pedelecs. But we found these E-bikes of Vintage Electric so fascinating that we couldn’t resist to show them …

Vintage Electric

The Vintage Electric vision goes beyond just building bikes. Founded upon old school American manufacturing values and paired with the most cutting edge technology on the market, Vintage Electric offers the highest quality handcrafted products. Their mission is to create beautiful bikes that stand the test of time. They provide an unmatched customer experience from start to finish, and beyond. Vintage Electric is taking a stand against planned obsolescence, designing timeless products that are built to last for generations.

The Tracker

The Tracker is roundly retro—all WWI-era motordrome racer lines topped with a Brooks leather saddle—but it’s boosted by a thoroughly modern electric motor. The rear-hub-mounted drive has two settings: a 750-watt mode for tooling around at 20 mph and a 3,000-watt mode that’ll let you zoom down country roads at 36 mph. It takes two hours to charge with a range of 35 miles.

The Cruz

The CRUZ is a classic California cruiser with design elements reminiscent of the American Art Deco movement. The CRUZ evokes a bygone era.

Offering the same best-in-class performance as the Tracker, the CRUZ leads the industry with a top speed of 36 mph in race mode. Regenerative breaking, coupled with Shimano Alfine hydraulic disk brakes, provides riders with stop-on-a-dime control. The CRUZ’s top-caliber components include a sandcast aluminum battery box, powerful LED lighting, Phil-Wood front hub, and a Brooks England Ltd leather saddle and grips. A powerful 52-volt battery gives the CRUZ 35 miles of ride capability and requires minimal charge time – it takes just two hours to fully recharge. The stained alder wood frame inlay and cast pewter name badge sings the final note for this model’s signature look, which starts at $4,995.

The Srambler

This is your have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too electric bike – one that works just as well pulling up for a cold brew at your local coffee shop as it does climbing to a breath-taking view on a twisting fire road. This bike will bring you back to a time when adventure and wheelies were all that mattered – what are you waiting for?

Specifications Tracker

Range: 35 miles
Speed: 20 MPH in Street Legal, 36 MPH in Race Mode
Recharge Time: 2 hours

Estimated fuel economy: 1556 MPGe
Typical cost to recharge: $0.18 USD

Drive Train
Motor: 3,000 watt 3-phase brushless electric
Power: 250 to 750 watt street legal mode / 3,000 watt race mode
Energy Recapture: Vintage Electric Regenerative Braking System
Electronic Speed Controller: 60 amp continuous
Charger: High performance DC 52 VC 110/220 AC compatible
Battery: 52v 13.5 AH with estimated pack life of 30,000 miles

Frame: Hydroformed aluminum
Forks: Tig welded steel with hand crafted leather frame bumps
Triple Clamp: CNC machined high grade billet aluminum
Grips and Saddle: Hand crafted leatherwork by Brooks England LTD
Handlebars: Hand made stainless steel
Brakes: Shimano Alfine Hydraulic Disc. 180mm front. 160mm back.
Wheels: 26 inch aluminium, 36 spoke, hand laced and tensioned
Tires: Schwalbe Fat Frank 26×2.35 inch with KevlarGuard
Paint: High grade powder coat with custom colors available

Bike: 1 year / 30,000 miles
Battery: 1 year / 30,000 miles

More info, specs, pictures & movies: Vintage Electric

Guy Salens

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