Arnold Wagner is a pioneer, constructor, inventor and called “the father” of modern Cabin-Motorcycles. He started designing and building (and selling !) his Ecomobile-, MonoTracer- & now MonoRacer Cabin-Motorcycles in 1980 at his Peraves AG factory in Switzerland, from 1993 onwards together with Gustav Procházka.

Nearly 200 vehicles have been produced and sold worldwide. In 2010 we built 2 E-Tracer-machines, using AC-Propulsion-motors of the TESLA Roadster instead of the BMW K1200 Motorcycle engine and won the US-XPRIZE and 2,5 Mio. $ in the “Tandem 2 Seater Class” with up to 287 MPGe, by far best value of all 3 competing classes.

Electric Motorcycles News - MonoRacer Arnold Wagner

A MonoTracer is essentially an ‘enclosed motorcycle’. It has “landing gear” that is brought down to stabilize the vehicle when it stops or is at slow speeds. Once going, the operator retracts the gear, and the MonoTracer can lean up to 52 degrees in a turn. The MonoTracer is built using a monocoque construction design, and fabricated with a very strong Kevlar®, carbon fiber, and fiberglass composite material.

Electric Motorcycles News - MonoRacer Arnold Wagner

Today we are working on the new 2018 PERAVES CZ W19A-MonoRacer-MRE-BEV130kW

This supermodern, most powerful zero-emission First PREMIUM-CABIN-MOTORCYCLE replaces former models & excels in highest quality, superior performance, complete equipment, best comfort, best safety measures plus greatest range btwn. charging of more than 550 kms / 350 Miles at ~ 65 MPH.

MonoRacer is the perfect fully enclosed motorcycle for long distance travel. Enjoy safe high speed driving at PREMIUM comfort.

This electric MonoRacer is fully equipped with:

  • Semi-automatic stabilizer-system + computer-survey
  • HT-Battery 31,7 kWh
  • Combined ABS-brake-system
  • Vmax 250 km/h
  • Electric parking brake
  • ASC (Anti-Skid-Control)
  • Tempomat
  • Bi-Xenon-lights
  • SCC-Chrome-Rims
  • Carbon-blades + parts
  • Tinted glazing
  • Heated mirrors
  • Remotely controlled electric Gullwing door
  • Multi-layer-paints
  • Special interior (MB-AMG-leathers)
  • I3-heating ventilation- & a/c-system
  • Electric seat heatings
  • Electric sunroof
  • LED-turning-signals, brake- & -daylight- + -parking-lights

This video is about learning to drive a MonoTracer by a handicapped friend on the Masaryk-Circuit in Brno CZ near our facilities at Medlanky airfield.


This new model MRE-BEV130 will be available around Summer 2018. Pre-sales to known customers start in February 2018, downpayment 39 500 €, at delivery 40 000 € + local VAT. EC-Certificate of Conformity guaranteed.

A special model W19B-MonoRacer-MRE-BEV-130kW will be presented later on this year. Tests will start in March, deliveries are scheduled in autumn 2018. This model is going to have floor level entry door, new stabilizer-hydraulics, a leanable stab-system (with only 1,15 m track width) & special tires. Price 85 500 € + local VAT

Electric Motorcycles News - MonoRacer Arnold Wagner

Electric Motorcycles News - MonoRacer Arnold Wagner

About the company

PERAVES CZ was jointly founded in 2009 by Gustav Procházka, COB of Company BOHEMIA MOBIL, and Arnold Wagner, COB of PERAVES Switzerland. The main idea was to continue and extend cooperation in development and construction of fully enclosed Cabin-Motorcycles, which started to be produced by the Swiss company Peraves, in 1987.

Since 6.3.2017 PERAVES CZ s.r.o. transformed into PERAVES CZ, a.s.

Queries to be sent to:

Zebetinek 90/5
CZ-621 00 Brno-Medlanky
Phone: +420 602 555 013

or to:

Arnold WAGNER, Senior Engineer
Rieterstrasse 3
CH-8406 Winterthur
Phone: +41 79 4302702

Company info:

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Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.